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Quantum Gunman: Chapter Eight

October 1, 2017


Quantum was now at the Super Gunfight Tourney, which took place in an abandoned stadium, presumably used for hockey. The announcer made an introduction to all the fighters, but Quantum wasn't listening. 

"And now," The announcer said,"Back for the first time in three years...Quantum Thompson!"

The crowd roared. They knew this was the Quantum Thompson, the best Gunman in all of Canada. The rules of the tourney were simple: shot your opponent until they cannot shoot back. They went through a few rounds, until Quantum got a phone call.

"Hey, I'm busy-" Quantum began.

"Doing what?" Rick said,"I just got out of prison and I need a place to stay for a little bit,"

"Yeah, we talked about this Rick..." Quantum said.

"The hell you takin' about? I just got out today! Uh...don't ask how I got a phone," Rick said.

"What," Quantum was confused,"You made me enter the Super Gunfight Tourney."

"That illegal contest?! Why would I do that? I hate that competiton as much as you!" Rick yelled."

Rick was actually right. After Quantum thought about it, Rick did hate unfairness. He once punched a kid because he had to many snowballs once.

"Well, this guy that sounded like you said you weren't aloud in Nova Scotia,a me he wanted me to enter this," Quantum said.

"Dude, I live in Nova Scotia, you know how many liberals would get on the government's tails if that happened," 

Quantum was silent.

"Plus, competitons are the last thing on my mid right now," Rick said.

"Ex-Wife?" Quantum said.

"Ex-Wife," Rick said simply.

Now Quantum was concerned. Who was the Fake Rick, and why did they want him in this contest?


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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    (GASP!!!) The plot thickens!

    (Great work, as usual.)

    almost 3 years ago