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Quantum Gunman: Chapter Six

October 1, 2017


Meanwhile, Somewhere in British Columbia.

Running away from things is very hard. The man knew this, as he was running form someone right now. He was no at a large gap. He had to jump it. He jumped....and fell down the gap.

Let's try that again, the Man thought. He then went backward one minute in time, back to the gap. He looked around and saw above the gap, there was a pipe. He jumped towards the pipe and grabbed it. He then swung on the pipe and then went to the other side of the gap. The men chasing him were on the other side, and now shooting at him. The man simply just went into a hallway. 

This is the most confusing building I have ever been in, The Man thought, When I get out of here, I'm moving back to Laval.

Oh, your not going anywhere, Mister Tyler Reed," A voice said from behind him.

Tyler looked behind him. It was a man in a suit, with some sort of protective body vest. Tyler could not fully see his face, put he knew who this guy was.

"Gotta go back," Tyler said. He then went back to the other side of the gap, and went to a different hallway. At the end of this hallway there was window. And the logical desk ion was to jump out the window. So he did so. It's a good thing he was on the second story. He left the area with only a broken leg.

"That tears it," Tyler said," I am definitely moving back,"

This is the intro diction to the newest character, Tyler. He'll be important later.


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  • Lee Fudge

    Is this a reference I'm not getting?

    about 2 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    Tyler, huh? And he can travel back in time? Huh. Iiiiiiinteresting...

    (Great work, by the way.)

    about 2 years ago