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Quantum Gunman: Chapter Five

September 30, 2017


Quantum went to his apartment. It had a blue couch, a television from 2003, blue wallpaper, and a large blue rug. He went to the counter on the other side of the room and made some micro sense macaroni. He the sat on the couch and watched the news.

"A woman named Emily Perkins has been arrested for murder," The Anchor said. Then he saw Emily's photo.

"Wait, she got accused instead of me?" Quantum said, thinking aloud.

"She claims she did not commit the crime, saying a man named Quantum Thompsom killed the victim, name currently unknown," The Anchor continued. Quantum's photo came up on the screen, having his trademark trench coat.

"Oh wow...I really need to shave," Quantum said, stroking his chin.

"Thompson is known as the best gunman in all of Canada, and has won many competitions," The Anchor said.

Quantuam thought about this. He was a great gunman, even without his time slowing ability, but he wanted something more out of life. He wanted to help people. Why was Emily arrested anyway?

As if the anchor knew he wanted to know she said,"Perkins was arrested due to her military experience,"

Okay that full of crap, Quantum thought. At the trial there was no mention of military experience. He knew something was up, and he wa showing to find out.



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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    Isn't it freaky when something on the TV seems to read your mind?

    Great job, by the way. (Another one already? Gosh, I could learn a thing or two from you about getting to the point...)

    about 2 years ago