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Quantum Gunman: Chapter Three

September 30, 2017


He eventually made it to the courthouse, and was now in the courtroom itself. 

"You didn't take the job?" Quantum's Dad asked, shocked.

"It just didn't fit me, Dad ," Quantum said.

"Fit you?! You are the best darn gunman I this entire country, maybe the world, and a job where you shoot people isn't a fit to you?" Quantum's Dad was getting angry.

"Sorry, Dad, I gotta participate in this trial!" Quantum yelled, walking to the desk where he had to sit.

The trial was just about Quantum entering someone's house illegally, and the person was really insistent on this. She was a lady named Emily, and she felt rather violated that man had broken into her house.

"Okay, so what did he do in your house?" Quantum's lawyer asked her.

"I think he stole something," Emily said.
"And what was that?" The lawyer asked.

"My-" Quantum then stopped paying attention, until she said the word "Painting". The significance was staggering.

"Mr. Thompson, do you have anything to say to that?" The lawyer asked Quantum.

"I didn't still a painting," Quantum said,"Because if I stole a painting, I would of still been there," 

"Why is that?" Emily asked.

"Because, I can tell by your choice in clothes, your choice in paintings is crap too. I would have complained about it," Quantum said.

"That's ver-" The lawyer began, but Quantum's dad yelled, "It's true!" 

"Order!" The judge said," I see no reason to continue, this has gone on long enough. The jury will decide the defendants fate."

And Quantum walked out,p an innocent man.


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  • Lee Fudge

    No, I am just a fast typer.

    almost 3 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    He pleaded his case by insulting her style choices! Wow.

    Doing a great job, by the way. (You've published three parts of this story today alone. Do you already have these written or something?)

    almost 3 years ago