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Quantam Gunman

September 30, 2017


Desks. The man really hates desks. They restrict precious leg movement. Too bad he sitting at one right now. He looked around, for about the twelfth time. He saw what he saw the past eleven times, a bunch of people in suits, sitting at desks, restricting their own leg movements. Directly in front of him was a man sitting alone in a desk. He was simply called Head Honcho. Head Honcho couldn't be seen fully as the lighting was to dark around his desk, which seemed rather impratical to the man.

"Sir," Head Honcho said,"Are you even listening?" 

"I have a name you know," The man said.

"Fine, Quantum," Head Honco said, putting emphasis on the man's name,"Are you listening?"

"No," QuanTim said.

"Fine, I'll just tell you again," Head Honcho said. 

The reason Quantum was here, in this office, is because he was in a job interview. Quantum's father wanted him to have this job, but he didn't even know what the job was.

"Hang on, what is this job anyway?" Quantum asked, wondering why he didn't ask this before. 

"You don't know? You'll be able to use your gift," Head Honcho said.

"My..what?" Quantum asked, confused.

"Your gun-weildimg gift," Head Honcho said simply.

"So? I'm good at guns. You can find loads of people like that." 

"Yes, but we need your skill," 

"For what?" 

"....Simply put, you'll be fighting criminals,"

"......No," Quantum said, after much thought.

"What?" Head Honcho said, stunned.

"I can't do that." Quantum said.

"Why not?!" Head Honcho yelled,"You can do this, your the best gunman I the country!" 

"Sorry, I just can't" Wuamtum said getting up,"If you excuse me, I have a trial to get to,"

"Trial? Whose trial?" Head Honcho asked.

And the awnser, was simply "Mine".



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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    He can't fight criminals because he IS one! And he doesn't have time for an interview because he's late for his own prosecution!

    (Great work, by the way. You're one of my favorite writers on this site! Keep it up!)

    about 2 years ago