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The War of Races: Chapter Three

September 30, 2017


After the Raven King's attack on the village near the forest, a small group of knights was passing through the mountains. They were not aware of the attack, as they had no way of knowing. They each wore indentical plate armor and numbered up to seven. They were being led by Sergeant Bartably, a recently promoted knight. They were trying to get to the capital city of Golheim. In the distance they saw a group of five humanoid creatures.

"Oy! What are you lot up to?" A knight know as Samuel said.

The group said nothing, and as they got closer the Knights got a good look at them. They were completely devoid of skin, just having a red muscle like body. They had dagger-long claws, but the most disturbing feature was their tongues. The tongoues were at least three feet long, and they were covered with spines that looked like they could stab through anything.

"You lot better awnser!" Samuel yelled.

"...Samuel get away!" Bartably yelled.

"Why? It's not like these guys-" Samuel began to saw, but one of them stuck out their tongues towards him. It seemed to be an infinite length, and went it finally got to Samuel, it wrapped itself around his head. It then began to strangle him.

"What are those things?" A knight asked.

"Chaos-Kin," Bartably said.

"What?! I thought they all died during the Gods War!" The knight yelled. This got the attention of the other Chaos-Kin. These particular Chaos-Kin were known as Lashers, due to their long tongues giving victims a terrible lashing.

"This'll get ugly," Bartably said," Jennison, get to castle, tell the king about this!"

Jennison didn't have to be told twice, he ran to the castle, never knowing the fate of his comrades until much later.



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