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Books Described Somewhat Okay

September 29, 2017


1984 - A government has absolute control, but how this happened isn't explained at all.

Animal Farm - Woah! This isn't what I thought this was at all!

The Lord of the Flies - Good lord, that escalated quickly.

Twilight (Book Two and beyond) - D-did his shirt disindergrste or something?

Red Queen - Slavery is just a color away.

Miss Perigrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Wait, who's my best friend again? 

Fahrenheit 451 - Books are bad, just trust us on this.

The Fault in Our Stars - Maybe we should have thought this through...

Game of Thrones - Wait...who are you  again?

The Notebook - You know, I'm just going write down our entire life, cause that's reasonable.

The Oddesy - I do romantically things with every woman but my wife.

Paradise Lost - What's he going to do with heaven? Is that even explained?
If you don't like this, you are free to punch me, with words! Also can you give some suggestions on this?

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  • Lee Fudge

    You'd probably have to read these to actually get them.

    almost 3 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    (Insert person heroically punching you in the face for your beliefs).

    Not me, though. For the ones I had some knowledge of (other than "hey, I know this exists"), I'd agree with pretty much everything you said. (Poor Piggy...)

    almost 3 years ago