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I am a trying Junior writer who aspires to be an author when I get older, and I want to share my happiness, as well as my sadness, my works, and my dreams with the world. I joined this website to start to get my ideas out in the world.

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Well. It's an accomplishment I managed to get you to read this much about me. Or perhaps you just skipped down to this part to see what makes me tick. I'm sorry to disappoint. I'm just like everyone else, except maybe I'm a little more in touch with my feelings. I know how to write from my heart and let my feelings pour out into my writing and words. I take the time to go over my options and choose the best, as I only want my readers to have the best. Although, there are many other better things in this world for you. But if you enjoy my writing, please, don't be afraid to shoot me a message! I will gladly accept constructive criticism and ideas, as I believe everyone's opinion fits in somewhere.

Dear Shooting Star...

October 2, 2017


Dear Shooting Star,
    Have you been getting my letters? Have you seen all the times I've messaged you? Have you seen what I've written you? Maybe I'm asking too much of you, to grant my wishes. But I really need your help. Perhaps you can send me a sign that things will get better? Just please... can you help? I need to send something that says you're listening. Give me hope at least. I know, I need a lot, but that's because they keep piling up. The problems are continuing to add up, and they are slowly dragging me down. Please... this time... I'm just asking for you to listen... or at least send someone who can... I've send letters galore, and I've wished my heart out times and time again, but it seems as if you are ignoring me. Am I being annoying? Am I being a pest with all my wishes? I thought you would always be there for me, I thought you would listen. But I suppose I thought wrong. Perhaps it's time I grow out of wishing on stars. That I grow out of these childish dreams. That I give up wishing upon you.

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