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Letters From Viskeria: P.O. Box Two

September 27, 2017


Ninth Month, Morningday, 1807

Dear Augustine St. Welles,

Why in blazes are you in Trinapo?! That's in a completely different continent! The entire continent of Telirus hates us right now. and your just off taking off some Afriacno Country?! Also, you should know that Perri Constalone and Jacques Antioniette are married now.


Major General Jean-Pierre Von Lunber.

Ninth Month, Sunsetday, 1807.

Honsestly, you are correct. What am I doing here? I mean what are we going to with the citizens of this country? We don't allow slavery, so that's out of the question. Was I drunk when I made this decision? I am not sure.


Augustine St. Welles.

P.S. Perri and Jacques are aware that they are brother and sister, yes?

Ninth Month, Sunrisedsy, 1807

Dear Jacques,

As your uncle, it is my responsibility to be aware of your current being. That being said you are aware that you married your sister, right?

Most Concerned,

Uncle Jean.

Ninth Month, Afternoonday, 1807

Dear Uncle Jean,

So sorry not to see you at our wedding, I know your in the military in all, but still. I was not aware she was my sister, but we are to far in now to do anything. No divorce in our religon remember?

Sincerely Jacques.

Ninth Month, Midday, 1807

Dear Von Lunber,

We must apologize for killing your nephews wife. We were not aware she wasn't doing anything wrong, but from far away it looked like she was rasing an army of the undead to smite us.

Many Condolences,

Reichgeneral Gaston Kaister.

Dear Kaister,

Your excuses are not needed, I am completely okay with this. I thank your Kadishian Military for taking on this great threat.

This not a declaration of war,

Jean-Pierre Von Lunber.


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