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The Rodent's Rage

September 27, 2017


They were finally gone. The rat had watched them close the door and heard the grinding of the key. He crept out of his hole and started racing happily through the house. He dug through some of the trash cans and proudly added a torn envelope to his collection. He pulled a corner from a paper towel on the counter and added it to his collection too. A flapping card on the fridge caught his attention, he stopped and looked at it. RECYCLE it said, with a calendar below it. The rat snarled in fierce anger and leaping up he snatched it off the fridge and flung it on the floor. Still furious he charged back to his hole to sulk and rip up his new treasures. Occasionally he would work himself up and creep back out to look at his nemesis. How dare they send away such useful stuff as cans and cardboard?


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  • Aravis Tarkheena

    Thanks yet again ARS7.

    almost 2 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    Haha! :D I love this! Funny to me as your reader, but I can still feel the rat's emotions. Great POV!
    Keep it up!
    God bless!

    about 2 years ago