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The Spector

September 26, 2017


Cole was sitting at the edge of a window. This window wasn't his, it belonged to someone who lives in the castle the window was on. He was taking a breather, as they said in the village. He looking around, and it was quite boring. Well then, I won't get to the top like this, Cole thought. He put his mask back on, and got ready for his great task. He found some bricks that weren't completely in the wall and climbed up them to the final window of this tower. This was the King's room. He had to this. He got to the window, and placed a medium sized container on the window sill and lit a fuse, then he climbed down, rather quickly this time, to a roof. Of course, it was too risky to actually go in the King's room so he got a device to do his job for him. There was a large boom, and the top of the tower simply looked like it disappeared. Cole saw some people go up what remained of the staircase. He knew he would get noticed, but for this to work he had to. The staircase area had a large hole that could give away his position, this was the perfect way to get seen. He grabbed a knife from his belt, and threw it at the people standing there. They all turned, and looked in shock. He jumped off the roof rather dramatically, and he noticed someone said something. He didn't have to read lips to know what he said.

"It's the Spector!" 

Cole grabbed the wall, and climbed back to the ground.

He took off his cloak and went into the castle and went to where the tower was blown up.

"Oh, Minister Fuller!" A man known as Percy said," The King has been killed."

"Have you any leads on the assassin?" Cole said.

"We believe it was the Spector," A woman Cole didn't know said.

"Your just going to blame the highest wanted criminal in our country?" Cole asked.

"We just saw him, he had the mask!" Percy said.

"I will need further proof," Cole said," This is a rather serious matter after all,"
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