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September 26, 2017


There was a country called Democria. Democria's leaders had a illness known as "Paranoid Dictator Disorder" where they spied on every one in the entire country and increased taxes the taxes by 200%. The people of Democria were none to happy about this, so they revolted and overthrew the presidents, Avren Silsco. They realized they no had nongovernmental, which caused so much chaos. Then a man named Maxwell Augustino Sinclair took over the country, because the people had something he did not, an army. Now Democria was the Republician Federation of Republico, and the people in the continent, Telirus, were a little scared. Socio-Federalism had already spread from Caldinia, and they did not want a new government spreading around Telirus. This would led to the series of events in which Telirus and the entire world were plunged into chaos.
Telirus is a paradoy of Europe, in case you are wondering.


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