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Up In Flames

September 25, 2017

PROMPT: Writing Small

I take a breath of air.

No hesitation.

I throw.

The matchstick sails through the air, landing squarely where I wanted it to. It's only a moment. Just a quick, fluttering second before it ignites and my past goes up in flames, sending sparks soaring into the air above me.


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  • September 25, 2017 - 11:31am (Now Viewing)

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  • AbigailSauble

    Nothing meant by this, but I was thinking it'd be kinda funny if the match went out because of the rush of air. :P
    Nice! I like this!

    over 2 years ago
  • WhiltiernaWolfLord

    Fantastic! I love writing fire! (Not that that sounds creepy... :/)

    over 2 years ago