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My Life (so far)

September 24, 2017

PROMPT: Year by Year

Year 1: Birth. I crawled around and flipped through picture books I could barely hold in my family's cozy apartment in New Jersey.
Year 2: First steps. I started learning how to speak and hold a pencil. I memorized some favorite books.
Year 3: Full sentences. I learned how to write my name and became best friends with a girl named Emilie.
Year 4: Abonded girliness. Started reading and learned how to build snowballs in the winter and pour milk into a cup. (with help)
Year 5: Moved to North Carolina. Got a bigger room and a bigger house and a whole backyard(!) and a swing. Started kindergarten and made friends with two pairs of twins.
Year 6: Became the top class reader. Pretended to have a crush on and date a boy because I thought that was the only option while secretly pretending he was a girl.
Year 7: Made best friends with a girl called Sam. Was banned from going to her house because her parents heard I was atheist and hated me.
Year 8: Started questioning gender. Met my first lesbian couple with a child. Became best friends with their daughter and felt overjoyed at seeing them together. Spent six months living in Chile.
Year 9: Moved to an academically gifted school and made my first ever real friend named Meredith. Started to become emo.
Year 10: Embraced the emo. Began questioning sexuality seriously and researching it extensively. Became obsessed with hot topic.
Year 11: Started to gradually drift away from the emo. Hesitantly called themselves bisexual. Developed a huge crush on Meredith and had a first kiss with a girl named Emily.
Year 12: Totally stopped the emo and the crush on Meredith. Fully embraced the terms gay and genderqueer and began developing a hipster/androgynous style.
Year 13: Became a complete hipster. Started to get weirdly obsessed with interior design. Started taking anti-depressants and fixed their mental health issues.


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