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Save The World! (Because I Don't Want To) : Chapter Seven

September 24, 2017


Then suddenly a new monster came from the ground. This one looked a ,Ouse with an actual pompadour. 

"Pompadourable? What are you doing here?" Shopping Cart asked.

"The boss changed the plan," Pompadourable said.

Then another alarm went off.

"Attention," A voice said," Three monsters of unknown origin have appeared in Northfolk Village. Each of them are a Final Boss Threat. Evacuation is advised." 

"Well," Shopping Cart said," It's nice to see your strength recognized,"

"What about the plan changed?" Robo-Vulture said.

"The boss said we don't need David right now," Pompadourable said.

"What? Why?" Shopping Cart asked.

"I don't know, he said he'll explain once we get back," Pompadourable said.

"Oh well," Robo-Vulture said," At least we know where he lives now, you two want a ride?" 

"Yeah heack!" Shopping Cart said as he jumped on Robo-Vulture's back.

"I am not even going to even try to correct that," Robo-Vulture said as Pompadourable got on his back as well. Then they flew off.

"Who were those guys?" Jacob asked.

"I don't know, we'll ask David once he gets back," The Mayor said.

What is happening in that volcano anyway?




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