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16 Years of Being

September 24, 2017

PROMPT: Year by Year

Year One: Fishy faces, and tongue out with big eyes to match my big head. Sleeping in the closet.
Year Two: Everything everywhere, a big mess.
Year Three: A stranger, better poke 'em in the eye.
Year Four: Trips to Walmart, got lost once and was terrified. Never got lost again.
Year Five: Hands Sanitized. Sponging giraffes, and marbling zebras. Another stranger, but this one's cute.
Year Six: Lost teeth and eye boogers. Dangerous four square and jump rope.
Year Seven: Tissue paper butterflies, babies, shorts and faux hawks, watercolors and traumatic slaps.
Year Eight: A lonely dip in the water, and socks that choose the right.
Year Nine: No homework, lightning storms, a shape with no sides, and those little packets that keep food fresh.
Year Ten: Boogers, a big mistake, misjudgment, and regret. One lazy eye.
Year Eleven: "Bazooka!" Judging eyes, weeping angels, and Dale Chihuly. I was really confused about Anime.
Year Twelve: Clueless, nerd, scared.
Year Thirteen: Blushing, less clueless but still clueless, still didn't have a fashion sense.
Year Fourteen: I moved again: big surprise. Sweaty. Shut in. Culture shock. I now hate the word "adventure".
Year Fifteen: Rainbow above my head. Tired feet, and fighting for survival. Coldplay makes it all better. Aware. The fire had been lit and it won't go out easy. I finally discovered music. What?
Year Sixteen: The fire is burning and the more you stifle it the hotter it will become.Starting to get it. Slowly drowning, but at least I have friends now. There's never enough time.
This is really choppy and rough, but it's what came to my mind, and I kinda like it. It gets smoother as I get older, and it kinda shows how you forget things from when you're younger as you get older.


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  • Ghost Writer

    I like how it's kinda vague, leaving imagination for the reader

    over 2 years ago
  • RedWriter

    Lol I love year three. This is cool

    almost 3 years ago