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What Goes Up Must Come Down

September 24, 2017


    "Calm down Dylan, remember what we talked about? Deep breaths." Dylan had always been a nervous person. Dylan's leather jacket and messy dark hair made him look a lot tougher than he was. He would always rub his thumb over my knuckles when we held hands, or tap his fingers on my leg while we watched a movie, or play with my hair. He never realized he was doing it though. It was just a nervous habit. However anxious he was though, he would always put on a smile and say hi to anyone who looked lonely. He made the best cookies, better than my grandmas, and he could rap Nicki Minaj's entire verse in Monster. He was good at everything I wasn't. That's why I loved him.
    I remember, sitting in my mother's car that smelled strongly of oranges, and pulling into our spot on the ferry, Dylan was anything but nervous. He was sitting forward, almost leaning on the steering wheel, and bouncing up and down with the biggest smile plastered on his face. We had been planning that weekend for months. Once the rumble of the ship below finally came to life Dylan quickly unbuckled and hopped out of the car. I followed behind him but at a more leisurely pace. You see, I grew up there and it was all old news to me, but Dylan had just moved that summer and I told him I would take him to all my favorite spots before school started. I had shown him everything on the mainland, but we could never find enough time to get to the islands. Honestly, I think they are the best part too. The tour just wouldn't be complete with out them.
    As we stepped onto the outer deck of the ship I pulled my jacket tighter around my shoulders. It never got that cold in Washington, well the coastal part, but with the wind blowing it felt so much colder. Dylan didn't seem to notice though. He held his arms out as if embracing the wind like an old friend. And although his cheeks were pink and his nose dripping from the cold, he still smiled like a little child on Christmas morning. Once his excitement had settled down a bit, he turned and looked down at me with a playful smirk, right into my eyes, "It's still not as beautiful as you. I thought you were trying." Then he pulled me closer to him and kissed me on my forehead. Everywhere I took him he said that. And every time I replied, "Maybe next time, I just need to try a little harder." It had started out as a joke, but it had become more like a lovely tradition. As I stood there watching the port come in to view, and feeling the wind whip through my hair, as he held me in his arms letting his warmth soak into me I knew. I knew I wanted this to last forever. I knew I wanted to travel the world with him.

       But that was a long time ago, and things have changed.


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