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Where words fail, hugs suffice.
(Just to clarify, this was not based on my mother.)

Mama's Hugs

September 24, 2017

Your hair tickles me
when you smother me in
an embrace so tight
But I let you; I loved 
the scent of your hair then.

Now I stay rigidly still -
do you feel it? -
I'm terrified of taking away
your feather-light breath.

Your hair, once a lion's mane
is now a bird's nest, and then
even less. 
Now it smells like antiseptic,
clean sheets. They've also
lost their sheen.

You'll never know, but I was counting down
the embraces till you were too weak to do so.
Your embrace was a safety blanket
for the storms weathered in life,
but just as we outgrow safety blankets,
I guess it's time to grow up
without my safety blanket.
Without your embrace.



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