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Lazy Afternoons

September 24, 2017

PROMPT: Omniscient Lens

On humid stagnant afternoons, there are many who go wandering off into the world of dreams. This was especially a challenge if you were the person in charge of thirty eleven-year-olds, as was Mr White. The kids up in front were sweaty and fidgety; the kids in the middle were playing with their stationery; he could sense himself losing the kids at the back to alluring daydreams. Many were already staring out of the windows, eager for escape and activity. Mr White held back a sigh. What he wouldn't give to be back in his room with his guitar, coaxing music out of words and melodies out of memories. He noticed more than a few children staring at him through half-lidded, unfocused eyes and he took a deep breath of the warm, stuffy afternoon air. Maybe he would let them off five minutes early...it was a Friday, after all. He forced a smile, chirping brightly, "All right kiddos, let's cover the last chapter together with energy! Energy!" 


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