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out of the deck of lgbt cards, im the ace

im dippin in like one week y'all should know where to find me by now

this love comes from the flowers

September 24, 2017


you fell in love with the moon
glowing softly in the dark of night
lighting your path home and giving you spotlights to dance in.
so you dance for her, dance the love in your heart
and fall asleep to her gentle light keeping you safe.

you fell in love with the wind
twirling through leaves high in the tree-tops.
she caresses your face with every soft breeze,
makes your dress flutter around your legs;
you sing to her, give her your voice to carry with her wherever she goes.

you fell in love with the storm
dark but comforting, playing music in raindrops against your bedroom window.
her touch is cool and fleeting,
wiping away your tears with drops of water,
washing you free of your pain as she reaches from the dark clouds above to hold you.

you fell in love with the sunlight
the lazy warmth blanketing you in early mornings;
she lies with you, curled around you as you stretch out
body soft and content as she brushes her fingertips against your skin.
the glow she brings stays with you and you hold your palms out
to the rising sun for her to hold.

you fell in love with a goddess reborn,
carrying stardust in her veins and supernovas in her eyes.
the world sprang from her body once,
all nature and life come from her bones;
so powerful and perfect she is,
yet she choose to love you in this human body of hers -
the moon, the wind, the storm, and the sunlight;
and you give her love to help her flowers bloom.


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