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Save The World (Because I Don't Want a To) : Chapter Five

September 23, 2017


They were now inside the volcano. Toby was right, it was bigger on the inside. All the monsters all had houses, made of some red colored brick. The monsters noticed David was there.

"Toby! A human!" A bat on fire said.

"Not to worry Pyro-Bat, I brought him here to take care of the threat," Toby said.

"I have a sword," David said.

"He'll get rid of them?" A smaller version of Toby asked.

"Yes, then we can go about our business," Toby said.

"Business?" David asked.

"We run a bakery, we power the ovens with our own heat," Toby said.

"Indeed," Pyro-Bat said,"This is actually the largest natural fire based monster habitat in the world," 

"Eh, eh, eh! What do we have here?" A voice said.

A lizard walking on his hind legs, with an obviously fake pompadour said.

"Oh no! He's here!" An out of place mammoth said.

"Eh, eh, eh? A human?" The Lizard said.

"I brought him, Lava Greaser," Toby said.

"Eh, eh, eh? To beat me? Hyuk hyuk hyuk! That ain't happenin'! Lava Greaser said," 'specially cuz I got my gang with me!" 

Suddenly a a bunch of lizards came out, armed with clubs.

"Get the human, Brent!" Lava Greaser said.

Brent ran toward David. David pulled out his sword pointed and at Brent, who just ran into it.

"...Uh, that's it?" David said.

"Wuh? Eh, eh, eh! You stronger than I thought!" Lava Greaser said.

And David's first fight began.



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