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Save The World (Because I Don't Want To) : Chapter Four

September 23, 2017


Back in the village, an alarm went off. 

"Attention," A voice said,"This is monster warning: a large monster of unknown origin has been spotte northeast of Northfolk Village. Disaster Level is Boss. Evaction measures are advised." 

"Mayor, the warning was given out!" A villager said.

"David, will take care of it," The Mayor said.

"Look," Jacob, who was quiet for a long time,  said,"We all know you have the upmost confidence in your son, but that thing is huge! It's a Boss Level Threat for goodness sakes!" 

"Well he can handle it," The Mayor said.

David eventually got to Lava God, and looked up at him.

"Hey! The music stopped!" He said.

"...Oh, so it has," Lava God said.

"But, I don't think it was about the music anyway," David said.

"...Yeah," Lava God said.

"So, what's it about then?" 

"You see, the is Volcano Monster that lives in that volcano,"

"That's not you?"

"It's a lot bigger in the inside, anyway he is beating up all the other monsters in the volcano, some even moved out," 

"I'll talk to him," David said.

"...Well why not? I'll take you. My name is Toby by the way," Toby said.

"We always called you Lava God," David said.

"Oh, people used to worship nonstop, that's actually why most of the monster live int volcano,"

And so, David threw a pretty sick paper airplane message to town, and walked to the volcano with Yoby.


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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    Toby the Lava God seems nicer than he looks! (Probably. I'm assuming he looks scary and mean).

    Great work, by the way.

    almost 2 years ago