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Save The World! (Because I Don't Want To) : Chapter Two

September 22, 2017


Northfolk Village, Kingdom of Romicka, Year 1557.

There was a man in Northfolk Village named David. He wanted to be a hero, a person that kills monsters. However, to actually get into the Orginization Agency for Heroes was a difficult task. There were tests, mental and physical, to get in the first place. But that wasn't important now. He was now getting ready for the "Lets Kickstart the Plot, Shall We?" Festival. He was going to attend alone. Once he got to the plaza where the Festival was happening, the mayor began a speech.

"We celebrate this day, because in case something needs to happen to one individual, we can start it," The Mayor said.

"How do we do that?" A villager asked.

"It just sorts happens, honestly," The Mayor admitted.

Then the sound of more than a dozen horned intrude to played. Then a voice from a far away volcano yelled," Turn down that music," 

"You aren't going to do anything," A man named Jacob said," You're just a big talker!" 

How owe the voice heard him is unknown, but a giant arm came out of the volcano, and grabbed the rim to pull itself up.

What Jacob didn't know was that he had offened a giant monster.

The Flaming Lozard himself.

Lava God.


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