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Lil Destructo! (Part Two)

September 20, 2017


The Robot was walking around, then he saw a teenager bullying a little kid.

"Initiating Mother Figure Mode," The Robot said.

The Robot ran in front of the small kid, covering him.

"Who are you?" The Teenager asked.

"I am Lil Destructo, a robot with a simple directive: Kill All Adults" Lil Destructo said.

"Well, your gonna get destoryed," The Teenager said.

"You are a teenager yes, I am conflicted, are teenagers adults or kids?" Lil Destrco wondered aloud.

"Whatever, Robot, I can make my own decisions so I am practically an adult!" The Teenager yelled.

"...Good enough," Lil Destructo said. Then multiple guns came out of his arms, coming from little compartments and sitting on stands.

"Uh.." The Teenager said.

"Prepare for termination," Lil Destructo said. He then fired all his guns at the Teenager.

"Threat eliminated," Lil Destructo said.


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1 Comment
  • Glytch Montoya

    He had just said his mission was to kill all adults. Why would you say that you're an adult?!

    (Great work, by the way. Just a few typos here and there.)

    almost 3 years ago