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Inside Helvetica Labs

September 20, 2017


MK.4 was watching that show "Really Sad Stuff", when suddenly Dr. Julius Helvetica walked in, looked at the tv, and saw a certain character.

"She's a clone," He said.

"What? No she's not!" MK.4 said.

"I am a clone!" The character said.

"What?! Another one?!" A different character said.

"Julius! Don't spoil it, you know I'm behind," MK.4 said, but he already left.

Then he came back and said.

"That character is going to kill that character, because of the twin clone," He said.

"That is very spec-"

Then, the character died.

"Okay, how do you know all this?" MK.4 asked.

"I am simply looking at the wiki, you should about it, you are an admin after all," Julius said, holding a tablet.

Later, Dr. Helvetica was looking for a robotic finger, he ad forgotten where he put them.

This one takes place during one of my Helvetica Files stories, read it for clarification.(Or don't, this is pretty stand aloney." 


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  • Lee Fudge

    Yes, it is not good give spoilers my friend.

    over 2 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    ...Are the robotic fingers for himself?

    over 2 years ago