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Guys, this is going to be the last chapter of my Clarisse series!! But don't be sad, season two will be returning soon enough!! Thanks for all of your support, and once I get everything sorted out, I'll show you all some sneak peaks of Season Two! Love you all!!! Don't forget to listen with the music in the footnotes. Comments and likes are appreciated!!

Are You Ready For This? (Clarisse's Story, Par.16)

September 28, 2017


   So, you're wondering what happens next? What's going to happen to Clarisse and Ryker, and their blooming love? Well, this may explain it. But don't get excited. That's Clarisse's job.
​Clarisse walked out of the dining pavilion as soon as lunch ended. After Jake had gotten saved a few weeks ago, Jake had made some new conversations with his father. They hadn't talked in a while, so it had been a quiet eventful talk. When it had ended, Jake came back to camp with some bad news.
​"Guy' father says I need to go to college."
Clarisse stood up from her seat, with a huge smile.
"Jake, that's great!"
Jake raised an eyebrow.
​"I don't think your understanding this conversation right now," he said solemnly.
​Clarisse let out a light chuckle.
​"You gotta leave camp, because you're going to college. Sucks, I know. But Jake! COLLEGE!"
Jake laughed smiling.
​"I hope you all don't mourn over me to bad while I'm gone," he replied.
​Clarisse's brother, Sherman, rolled his eyes.
​"We won't!" he called from training. Ryker laughed, and gave Jake a hug.
​"Stay out of trouble, Jake."
Jake grinned.
​"Does E=mc2?" he asked excitedly.
​Ryker just stared at him, but then clapped him on the back before walking away.
​"You'll fit right in..." Ryker murmmered under his breath.
   The next few days grew a little boring without Jake around, but Clarisse found a way to manage. She always went out of camp to go spend some alone time with Ryker in the city. After that, she went on a quest every few days in the weeks. And well, after that, she found a new friend. Though, it wasn't someone who hadn't already put a dent in her life.
"BUDDY!" yelped Leo as he hugged Clarisse in the doorway.
Clarisse sighed, patting his back.
"This is going to be a very, very long day. Whoopie..." she muttered.
  And after Leo had tortured her enough, she would just spend some time with her siblings. Which, trust me, was thrilling enough for her. Sherman, Clarisse, and Ellis would lead their teams through the woods trying to find a good place to play pranks on campers that pass through. Though, every time they tried to, it only angered the wood nymphs. But hey! That's the fun!
​   On Tuesday morning in the third week since Jake had left camp, Clarisse was going out in Manhatten by herself to go find some nectar. Yes, nectar. Basically very, very good coffee to the demigods. Heck, even Zeus will drink it, if he gets it for free of course.
​  When she reached the coffee shop doors, she noticed a little white sign saying: "​Reserved"
​Clarisse rolled her eyes, thinking one thing.
​Since when have I ever followed the rules?
​Clarisse opened the coffee shop door slowly, letting it close behind her as she walked into a dark shop.
​"Um...hello? Anyone?" she called, walking to the front counter.
​At that moment she reached the counter, little lights were flickering outside slowly going higher and higher into the air. Clarisse raised an eyebrow, opening the coffee shop door, gaping at the sight.
​There were thousands-no, millions of little lanterns floating slowly all around the sky. A smile tugged at her lips, until her eyes met someone who had been standing at the end of the brick street.
Ares, God of war, walked forward. He was wearing a bright red robe, with a spear on the back sewn in. She smiled, meeting him at the end of her sidewalk.
​"Clarisse," the God spoke, "I am not a poet. I'm not a very 'sweet' person. But, if I had to choose any person on this earth to sacrifice myself for, it would be you. You have great talent in war, love, and fight. You need all of these things to survive in this cruel world, because if you don't, you wont ever see your reward. I l-love you...ugh...and I want the best for you."
​Clarisse smiled sweetly at him, tearing up.
​He stood over to the side, revealing Clarisse's mother.
​She smiled.
​"Hi honey. I'm not actually here but...I just had to see this day. I knew I would. And I know you will make the right decision."
​Clarisse raised an eyebrow at the both of them.
​"I am so happy to see both of you here...but why in the-​Hades?!"
​Sure enough, Hades was walking down the lantern-lit brick road, Persephone at his side. After him, Apollo and Artemis. And then one god after the other, they just coming and coming. Finally, after Zeus had arrived, there stood Jake, with his father at his side. Clarisse's expression saddened, as if the whole world had froze, finally giving the two a chance to talk. When Jake was in front of her, he leaned in, kissing a soft kiss on her cheek. She blushed as he pulled away with a weak, teary smile.
​"Clarisse...our love life's are dangerous. In ways, that not even the gods could solve. But, if you promise me one might help put me at ease," he began slowly, before taking a deep breath.
​He started again. "Clarisse, the first time I met you, it was truly a gift. I had never had a friend before. You were like a gift from the gods to me, and an answer to my prayers. No matter how many times we've laughed, cried, and just shared good moments together, there will never be a change in how I feel for you. You've always made me a better person everyday and..," a tear popped out of the side of his eye as he continued, "I don't think I'll ever be able to find a good enough way to repay you for that. And no matter how many tears I talk through, or how many sobs I hold back, I have always wanted the best for you. No matter what, that's all you deserve. Which makes me the luckiest man alive to be here today, to watch as you get the happily ever after, that you deserve. And...before I forget, promise me one thing, Clarisse. Please, don't forget about me...okay?"
​Clarisse, almost sobbing, pulled him into a huge hug, crying silently on his shoulder. Jake cried aloud on her shoulder, not wanting to let go. Until he heard these words.
​"​I promise..." she whispered.
​Jake smiled, pulling gently apart from her with a weak smile, and standing off to the side of the sidewalk, as someone else made their appearance.
"Ryker..." Clarisse whispered, gaping at the sight.
​Ryker was standing at the end of the sidewalk, wearing a black suite, holding a single rose. He walked forward, holding the rose out in front of her.
​"Ryker!" she yelped with excitement, "What is going on?" she asked, her cheeks pink.
​"Clarisse," he said clearing his throat, "You make me happier than I thought that I could ever be. And, if you let me...I will spend the rest of my life trying to do the same for you. I don't know how else I could continue on without you, because these two years...they were all built upon our love. And I want to cherish that."
​Ryker got down on one knee, grinning as he pulled out a small black box from his pants pocket.
​"Clarisse Lorrain La Rue, would you make me the happiest man on earth, and marry me?"
​Clarisse, for the first time in a long time was speechless. She slowly looked down at Ryker, who had tears in his eyes, holding a huge smile on his face.
​"...Yes. Yes I will," she answered.
​Ryker smiled, and pulled her into a long kiss, slipping the ring on her finger. Jake smiled in the crowd. His smile began to fade when his father tapped him on the shoulder.
"Its time," he whispered.
​Jake nodded, and looked back at Clarisse, who was smiling, and giving all of her family and friends a hug, sharing some laughs and conversations. He smiled once more, before disappearing into the night.
​   When Jake reached his apartment, he went straight to his bedroom, sat down in his bed, and stared at the floor.
​"I cant believe isn't fair. She deserves to know."
​His father leaned against his bedroom doorframe with a sad frown.
​"I know son. But don't you understand that its only going to make things worse if she finds out about this."
​Jake nodded solemnly. "I just wish I had more time..."
​His father winced.
"Is it that bad?"
​"I'm," he answered, his breaths growing shorter.
​His father sobbed, sitting next to him on the bed.
​"Son, I love you with all the bones in my body. I wish their was a cure...."
​Jake laughed lightly.
​"Its cancer, dad...there is only a few cures out their. I love you...don't let Clarisse...forget.."
​Jake's eyes went blank. His father caught him before he fell, and laid him back onto the bed with a final sob.
​"I wont son...I wont..."

3 months later..
​Clarisse put on her white flower hat Ryker had bought her for their 3 week anniversary of marriage as she stood beside Jake's grave, her only company the wind. She wore her hair down, the long brown silky hair flying in the spring breeze. The tree was beginning to bloom with all different kinds of colored flowers, and leaves. She read the grave over, and over again:
​Here lies Jake Stones.
Best of friends, lover of one.
​Son, and friend.

​  Clarisse got on her knees, and whispered a silent prayer, before standing up again.
​"I still haven't forgotten you Jake," she said aloud, waiting for a response. Instead, she gold a cold breeze. She heaved a sigh, before running her thumb over something carved in the bark of the tree. It read:
​She smiled weakly, as she walked down the hill to meet her friends, and her husband, who were calling her for dinner. When she left, a figure hoped down out of the tree. It grinned with delight as Clarisse was skipping down the field, humming a soft tune. The figure turned, facing the tree with a smile.
​"It's still our tree. Its always our tree."
​The man spun around again, and skipped down the hill, nearly falling, to catch up with his friends.
​The only bad part was...they couldn't see him. But no matter. Jake would still have his Clarisse.

​After all.          

​She hadn't forgotten him.


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