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Maggie and Me

September 20, 2017


    Over the years. Over the ballet, and the bomb blasts. Over all the yelling, and smashing of empty beer bottles. It had always been me and her. Me and Maggie. Us sisters, we've been there together. Ask us about anything, and we've seen it. The terror on the streets. The screaming in the halls. The whispers in the wind. We've been through it all. Until one fateful afternoon, had taken everything from us. All our adventures, and smiles. And out curiosity up and along with it. But I would have never thought, that they would take her to. Not Maggie.

​Hi ya'll! I wanted to give the Introduction to my new series coming out Maggie and Me! My Clarisse series doesn't have a lot of more chapters, (again, thanks for the support), AND it also had a few characters from some other books. Which I didn't realize it would be that I couldn't publish it for the names, and the camp, and all of that. SOOO, I was going to make this series and hopefully gain enough likes from you all to give me the courage to publish this! I reeeaally want to publish this book, because I can tell its going to get somewhere. But I need you guy's help as well! XD Thanks so much for reading, and as soon as I finsish the Clarisse story, I will be posting more and more Chapters of Maggie and Me. Love you all! ByeeeeXD


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  • September 20, 2017 - 3:49pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Bear<3

    Awww!! It warms my heart to see your sad to see it go! I'm glad you like it that much. But done worry my friend, I'm going to make a series out of the Clarisse story!!! Season Two wont be out for a while, but there will be some stories in the middle, don't fret.

    over 2 years ago
  • Aravis Tarkheena

    Finish Clarisse? But that means no more Clarisse. :(

    over 2 years ago