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Time by Justin Koch

September 17, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Time...the unknown future, the present world, and the memories of our lives. Time is something that we feel we have to control, yet it's too far beyond reach. Why do we feel the need to grasp at something that is obviously unconquerable. For the longest time, we as humans have struggled with coming to grips with the limited time that we are given in this life. But time is so much more than us, it is something that will continue moving forward even as we stop and stare as our lives slip from our grasp. But that is not reason to despair at the passing of time. It is indeed inevitable, so we shouldn't waste it sitting and complaining about it slipping from our grasps. We need to rise up every time the world beats us down, and never try to get back time we've already spent. Every moment of your life, you have to make the decisions that feel right and just to you. Never question your heart, because it could be the biggest mistake of your life if you do. Time is like a river. It continues running, and when something blocks the path, the river simply moves around it, always flowing towards the ocean. Like our lives, no matter what we do, we always move a little closer to the end. Time is shown with an hourglass, flipped over with the sand slowly slipping away into the bottom. So what will you do with yours? 


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