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The Book Report

September 20, 2017


    Personally, I would die for a book. What? Who said that?
​Hello gang....its me again. I have some more of this and some of that, and a tad sprinkle of DISASTER. You all know my good ol' teacher Mr. Shell, right? Well, he's been giving me a lot of work from school recently, and basically I have until next Tuesday to finish it. Sucks, huh? Oh but no! That's not all. Let me see...the book I just finished what, 500 something pages long? *waits for applause, sighs* that's okay, I'll get them next time. Anyways, that 500 something paged book was not allowed ​to be written as my book report. SO, I have to find a new book, (thanks to Red Writer I got one, thank you!!), read the entire thing, and write about it. By next Tuesday. I have only made enough time to do some other things aside from my reading and such. But, I'll be back before you know it.

​Again, love you all! See you soon!! :)
​-Very Angry Student


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