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By: Abi Pinner

PROMPT: Writing Small

The fire was accedental.
Well the way the matchstick found my books was accidental; until that point everything was... conicidencedental. I will admit when the door set itself ablaze I didnt try to extiguish it. So yes, I did burn the school down but the match did all the work. 

Message to Readers

The name was not my idea (laughs in pain)

Peer Review

The sarcastic edge to it. While I definitely wouldn't support burning down a school (:P), I am a super sarcastic person, and loved that part of this. :)

Honestly, nothing. I love the way that you wrote this! Your beginning was perfect, and caught my attention. And your ending let me know for sure what had happened. Great job with them!

Reviewer Comments

Good job with the slight sarcasm aspect of this. You also wrote it in a casual way, so that I could practically see you shrugging your shoulders as you wrote this.
Keep up the good work!
God bless!