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The Ultimate Villain: Chapter Two

September 16, 2017


Adam was startled, but he then smirked.

"Kill us?" He said laughing.

"Tye," Adam said to the man on his left,"You know the drill." 

Tye walked up to Godot, and tried to punch him, but Godot caught it.

"Hey, Tye?" Godot said calmly,"Wanna see a killer move?"

"Uh, killer move?" Tye asked.

"Yes, amd I mean that in every sense," Godot said.

Then Godot punched Tye in the nose, giving him a nose bleed.

"Life Force Drain," Godot said.

"Life For- what?" Tye said. Then all the blood floated to Godot, which came up his nose. It wasn't just his nosebleed, it was all the blood in his body, being sucked up until he was completely lifeless.

Adam and his friends stood for a moment, and we're going to ask a question, but Godot knew what it was.

"I know you can't see energy levels, so I'll tell you," Godot said,"You see, when one sucks up blood, it is given to their own blood, thus adding to their life force, thus adding to their power."

Adam and his friends were still frozen in place.

"Now, who's next?" 

Any questions you have, I will awnser.


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