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The Silent Firebrand: Chapter 3

September 16, 2017


The Silent Firebrand
Chapter 3: Saviors

“Iz, can you hear us..?” 
“Maybe she's dead..”
“She's breathing, dummy..”

I open my eyes, groaning. A bright light flashing in my eyes
“P-please don't..hurt me..I'm begging you, please.” I whisper
“Iz, honey. It's Frances, James, and Georges.” Says the voice, who I can finally recognize as Frances’.
Frances Laurens, James Mulligan and Georges Lafayette are my best friends. We've been together since we could crawl, practically. Our fathers became best friends when they were put in the same squadron during the war in Afghanistan. 

The rest is history.

“Frances,” I croak, managing a tiny smile. I blush a little. I've always liked Frances as something more than a friend.
“Iz..” she kneels beside me, her curly blonde locks falling into her clear blue eyes.
 God, she's beautiful..

“Who did this to you?” Comes James’ gruff voice. 
I feel my eyes fill with tears as I remember everything that happened only a little while ago.
“I can't tell you,” I say quickly.
The memories flash one by one, creating a movie.
“Why not?” Georges asks in his thick French accent . His poofy black ponytail, streaked with blue, looks like a blue jay made a birds ’nest on his head.
“Because he threatened to kill me if I said anything!” I scream. 
I immediately clamp a hand over my mouth
“He?” Frances raises an eyebrow.
“Threatening to kill you?” James fixes his bandana over his dreadlocks, brow furrowed in concern.
Probably about my mental health.
All I can do is nod.
Frances pulls me into her lap, holding me close to her chest. I feel the tears start again, I cry into her shoulder, my shoulders heaving with every sob.
She's the only person that keeps me sane in this crazy world we live in.

“Shh, shh..don't cry.. it'll be alright, I promise..” she whispers in my ear. 
I pull away, my tears reduced to soft sniffles.
Frances just smiles at me, pushing my long wavy dark-brown locks of hair out of my face.
“I think we should get you home, you're parents are worried sick, so they sent us out to find you.”
“Oh, shit! I completely forgot about them! Oh my god, if we don't get back soon I'm going to be placed on house arrest for the next fifty years! That's worse than any sentence a judge could ever give me, trust me. Not that I would want to get in trouble with the law of course, but if you saw the crazy punishments my parents dole out, oh boy, a jail cell may start looking like a five star hotel..” 
I can't stop talking. It's one of my habits when I'm nervous. I may be quiet most of the time, but trust me, I can talk for hours if I'm nervous about something.
Frances presses a finger to my lips, and giggles
“Calm down, my wordsmith. We'll get you home in time”
I smile.
“Can you stand?” James asks

I slowly rise to my feet, but then a sharp pain shoots through my side.
“Argh!” I grunt and collapse to the ground
“Isabella! What's wrong?!” Frances tries to catch me
“My side.. there's something wrong.”.
I black out again before I can finish my sentence.

I wake up to the blinding white of the hospital room. I look around.
White everything.
As if a hospital isn't depressing enough as it is. 
There's an IV attached to my wrist, keeping me hydrated.
On the other wrist is a blood bag, giving me a blood transfusion
Thick bandages cover my wounded shoulder, making it look like I'm wearing only one shoulder pad.
I doubt I'm going into the NFL anytime soon, though.

Then the door opens, my parents come in. 
Dad’s eyes are red and puffy, tears marks make crooked, directionless, streaks across his cheeks. His face is gaunt and pale from worrying. His hair is sticking up in messy spikes.
Mom is even worse. Her clothes are wrinkled and stained, her hair pulled back into messy bun. Her eyes are shining bright with tears, wiping them with a crumpled Kleenex. Her face is also covered in tear streaks.

They haven't noticed me yet.

“What if she doesn't wake up, Alexander?” Mom whispers
“Of course she will, ‘Liza. She’s a Hamilton, she's strong-willed.” Dad takes Mom’s hands in his, trying to smile.
“Alexander, didn't you hear what the doctor said?! She was cut across her stomach with a glass bottle, got stabbed multiple times with a knife, and God knows what else!” Mom starts to cry again, 
Nothing is scarier than seeing your mother completely break down in tears.
“Mom, don't cry. I'm alive, see?” I say my voice cracking 
She whips around toward me, her eyes wide in shock. 
“Isabella, honey!” She runs to my bedside
“Hi, mom..” I say tears filling my eyes.
“Oh my God! You're alive! You're alive!” She laughs happily.
“Yes, I am.. and there's nothing that can take me away from you now that I'm here.” I take her hands in mine.
Dad runs over and kisses me on the forehead, tears in his eyes as well.
“The doctor--didn't think.. you were going to make it to the hospital..” he chokes out
“Well, the doctor doesn't have faith in the Hamilton family.” I say triumphantly
“This is probably the most I've heard you speak in a long time,” Mom notices.
“ I have a lot to say. And God gave me a voice for a reason, didn't he? I figured it's time I use it to my advantage.”
Where is all of this coming from? I've never felt this way before. So open about talking.
“That's great! I knew you were just a late bloomer when it came to talking. Believe it or not I was like that too when I was fourteen,” Dad says
“Really?” I say
“Yes, that’s great and all dear, but I want to know why you would do such a thing like you did tonight! When your friends told me what you’d done, I was shocked. How on Earth did you manage to get all the way to where Phillip was?” Mom looks at me curious.

Then I remember. 
“Mom, I want to tell you what happened, but before that.. I--um need to tell you something about Phillip. I caught him--
“Yes, we know.. he came and told us what'd happened after you were taken here. He turned himself into the police.” Mom said gently.
“Since he was drinking underage and... assaulted you, he's going to be in jail for the next year and a half. He’ll probably get six months probation at the most.” 
Dad explained, being a lawyer it's his job to know all of this information.

I don't know what to say, I'm speechless.
The brother who had always helped me with Algebra homework when I got stuck on a problem.
He stood up for everyone, even if they were strangers.
A Master piano concerto
My idol

In jail?
This is too much for me to take in.

“Isabella, honey? Are you alright? Do I need to go get the doctor?” Mom asks, a hint of franticness in her voice.
I snap out of my train of thought, returning to the present.
“No.. I'm fine, just a bit tired is all.” I give her a thin smile
“We'll let you sleep, honey. It's been a long night..You can tell us how everything happened tomorrow. ” Mom kisses me on the cheek, and leaves.
“Goodnight, Isabella..sleep well..” Mutters Dad, practically half-asleep as he lumbers out the door.
“Goodnight,” I call back, resting my head on my pillow.
I fall into a deep sleep..
All the night, my fight Phillip keeps on popping into my dreams
“I'm just trying to protect you..”
“From what? The monster under my bed? The Boogie Man?”
I wake with a start in the dead of night, gasping for breath.
I know what he was trying to protect me from.

He was trying to protect me from..
This isn't just about some writing notebook.
This is about something more complicated than that.
Much more complicated.
To Be Continued...


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