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The Ulitimate Villain

September 16, 2017


Villains plague this world, that hasn't changed since in a long time. Of course there are ways to combat them, such as the police and the Super Hero Licensimg and Management Agency. But there was a villain, so powerful, a normal hero couldn't stop him. His name was...Godot.

Godot was born on September 4th, 1985, to Morgan and Robin Andrews. Godot lived an average childhood, until a certain day.

When Godot was twelve, another young man, named Adam , punched him in the face, due to the claim that Godot was a jerk. Godot told a teacher, but the other kids sided with Adam, due to him being popular with the other kids. The teacher gave Godot a lecture and called his parents. 

Later, Godot realized that villains were always beat, and they never got what they wanted. Godot wanted to be the ulitimate villain. He realized that he actually had a super power, in which when he killed something he could absorb their life force. How he got this, he didn't care to find out. For five years, Godot tested in on animals, then he decided it was time for a human subject. 

Adam was going to be that subject.

One day, he say them Adam and his cronies walk up the street where he was walking.

"Well, if it isn't the villain?" Adam said.

Godot was silent.

"You know, all this time you were right, I am a villain," Godot said.

"See, you get it no-" Adam didn't finish.

"I'm going to kill you," Godot said, smiling.
The first part in this hopefully okay series.


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    I want to see more...

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