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Sacrafice of The Heart (Clarisse's Story, Par-15)

September 16, 2017


  Without hesitation, Clarisse ran back to the cab. Thalia looked over at Clarisse.
​"What's wrong? Are you hurt?"
​Her heart was pounding faster than her mind could think. All she could say, was the only thing done.
​"DRIVE!" she screamed. The cab sped off into the path, and teleported through its mist until they were on the main road again. Clarisse squeezed her hands together, praying to her father.
​Please...please let him be okay. Don't let Ryker get hurt. I cant loose him, father. I've never asked you for anything...please.
​ Back at Camp Half Blood, things weren't so peachy. Training was ended for the weather, which wasn't the boiling heat they liked. All the campers were having lunch. And Ryker sat under a tree by the lake. He threw a stone, making a splash appear in the center of the water. He sighed, checking his phone again. Still no anything from Clarisse.
​"Come on..," he muttered to himself, "Where are you baby.."
​   The cab parked in front of the forest, not going any further. Thalia and Nico had stayed behind, not really wanting to get involved in any drama. Clarisse ran out of the car, and sprinted up the hill. All she could do to keep herself strong, was to blink back her tears. She needed Ryker. And right now..he needed her.
​  Ryker, feeling defeated, stood up from his place under the tree. He walked back into camp, greeted by his evil mother. Ugh, right?
​"Hello, son," she said, holding a spear in her hand.
​He rolled his eyes, and kept walking.
​"W-wha...hey! You're supposed to be scared of me!"
​Ryker looked back, and sighed.
​"I thought I finished your nightmare a long time ago. Right now, I'm living in a perfect world, that doesn't involve you. So bye bye."
​  Clarisse finally reached the entrance to the forest, out of breath. But she kept going. She ran through the forest, dodging branches, raccoons, and logs. She saw the other side of the 'Welcome To Camp Half Blood' sign. She sprinted even farther, until she flew past the gate.
  Nyx approached Ryker, gripping her spear.
​"You really are a disappointment."
   ​Jake looked over from the pavilion, and his eyes widened.
​Ryker...​he thought.
​ Ryker took a few steps back, his mother filling in his old ones.
​"You're never going to be a bother for me anymore."
​Jake shot up from his seat, and ran almost a full mile from the pavilion to him. Clarisse sprinted almost a smile to get to Ryker. As she ran, a memory of them flew into her head.

Clarisse sat on her bed sharpening her knife, while Ryker tried to do magic to please his mother.
​"I wonder what nickname I can give you does Harry Potter sound?"
​Ryker looked up, his eyes narrowed. She chuckled, her hands held high in the air for surrender.
​" does...Oh! How does-okay, I got nothing. Unless..."
​Her face brightened.
"No!" Ryker shouted, hiding a smirk, "Not that name, anything but-"
​Ryker shook his head as she fell off the bed, laughing hard.
​"Oh...oh gods...I love it!"

​Her tears, this time, she failed to blink back. She kept running towards him. Until, she was slowed by yet another memory.

Ryker smiled at her scooping her into a huge hug. She laughed as he slowly set her down in the grass.
​"So, what do you have planned today, Ryker?" she asked, smiling.
​He smiled down at her ruffling her hair.
​"Well, I thought maybe we could kick back here in the sun, relaxing at my picnic, then maybe we could go have dinner tonight?"
​She hugged him.
​He chuckled, wrapping his arms around her, sending calm vibes through Clarisse.
​"What's this for?" he asked.
​She smiled up at him. "Everything."

​Clarisse let out a cry, but she forced it back inside. She ran even faster.
​  Jake on the other hand, was there. He hid behind a bush (classic), and waited for the right moment. Nyx drew his spear closer, until she raised it in the air.
​  Up on Olympus, the gods were furious. Especially Apollo. For one reason, that was his sister's son! Second reason, why does it have to be his oracles giving everyone their death?! And that was totally not something cool to have on your conscience. So, he decided to slip a few words into the prophecy.
​He spoke aloud on Olympus:
​This wicked witch, will be no more.
​If someone dies, that's not my sisters son.
​And I don't rhyme, that's the oracle.
​But...don't let Ryker die.

​Everyone glared at him, except his sister. She ran up and hugged him. Apollo hugged back, only wishing one thing.
​Jake saw Clarisse running in the distance. His eyes filled with tears.
​She is going to sacrifice herself..
​Jake shot up from the bush, and tripped and fell, pushing Ryker out of his place in the dirt. Nyx, threw down the spear.
​  When Clarisse arrived, she screamed.
​Ryker's eyes went wide, and looked over at Jake. But Jake...was smiling. He stood up, grabbed another sword, and killed Nyx. You can imagine how. Not very pretty. Let's just call it 'Hercules style'. Clarisse fell to her knees, holding Jake.
​"Jake, why did you do that?!" she yelled, sobbing.
​Jake smiled up at her.
​"Because if...Ryker wouldn't be happy..."
​Clarisse cried even harder.
​"This was supposed to be me....all me...."
​Jake held her face with one hand, shaking his head.
​"You we're never meant to die like this, Clarisse. You're to special for that. You are the reason I am still alive to this day, it's about time I've repaid you. I am....I have always loved you Clarisse. From the moment I met you, to right now. I knew that I really ​loved ever since we sat underneath that tree," he said, weakly pointed at their tree, "I have always loved you. But...instead of being upset that you love makes me so happy to're....okay..."
​His eyes went blank, and stared up at the sky.
​Clarisse sobbed on his chest.
​"Jake! Please....please..."
  Ryker sat next to her, cradeling her in his arms, whispering over and over.
​"Its going to be okay...we will get him back.."
​Clarisse stared at Jake. All of those years. All of the laughs, and the cries. All of the smiles, and the frowns. The happy days, and one you would do anything to make yourself disappear. Jake had been there with Clarisse through all of those. But now, she felt as if a whole part of her had been taken away, and she would never get it back.
​   After Apollo put the words in the prophecy, the gods had been happy. But still, Artemis wasn't satisfied. She had seen Ryker's pain when Jake died. And saw how upset he was when he told Clarisse everything was going to be alright. But she knew that he couldn't do anything. Not unless she took actions. Which as the goddess of hunting, is what she did best. Artemis turned to the rest of the gods wining and dining for celebration, but were suddenly sad by the look upon her face.
​"Brothers, and Sisters. Mother, and Father. We are gods. We have so much power, are immortal, and can do anything we wish. But those kids," she said, her voice full of sadness and teary sounding, "Have risked their lives for one thing. Love. They don't want to die, or anyone close to them to die. They have used their one life, for love. But us...we can have that whenever we choose."
​Aphrodite pouted.
​"But," Artemis started again," We aren't selfish, are we? No matter how much hatred may be in our hearts, and how much we refuse to dispose of it, are we really going to let so many people die for love every year? Every month, week, minute and second? We are better than that, and you know it. All of you," a tear escaped her eye, and slid down her cheek," And no matter how ashamed I am to cry, I will not let this happen. Jake cannot die. Ryker cannot die. No one...shall die for love. They will die, because they fought. Because they lived. Because they had hope. But no one, no one will die for love. Not for as long as I live."
​Zues walked forth to her, with a gentle smile on his face. Without another word, he lifted his hand down the side of Olympus. A glowing, yellow light streamed down the sky, dodging the clouds like pure magic. He looked over at Artemis, and said with a teary smile:
"May the light run on."
​Artemis hugged his father, and smiled down at the 3 demigods below.
​  Clarisse stopped crying. Ryker laid his head on hers, trying his best to comfort. Clarisse's eyes drifted away from Jake, as she said one thing.
​"I'm sorry."
​  Ryker looked at her, and kissed her gently. When she pulled away with tears again, she heard snickering behind her. She spun around, to see her smiling friend, who's wound had healed. He was covering his eyes, snickering constantly.
​"Ew! Ew! Gross! Gross!"
​Clarisse's eyes widened, as she fell out of Ryker's arms. She took his hands off his eyes, and smiled.
​"You're dead meat."
​     The rest of the afternoon, the three best friends hung out all day together. They laughed, they sang, they played, and they danced. They splashed around in the lake, they sat at the campfire, they watched Nico and Will call each other names, and they watched the sun fall from the sky. When the moon had arose, Clarisse and Ryker and Jake were all watching the stars. Ryker smiled over at Clarisse, who had fallen asleep. He turned back to Jake.
​"Hey Jake?"
​He looked over. "Yeah?"
Ryker blushed.
​"I...never got to say thank you for saving my life today. You, you really helped out. I didn't really like you before...but I would like to be friends. Would that be okay?"
​Jake nodded, smiling.
​"I would love to."
​  Ryker said goodnight with a smile as he fell asleep in Clarisse's strong grip. He almost died from it, but hey.

​It was worth it.


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