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Why I write: Justin Koch

September 16, 2015

PROMPT: Why I Write

Why do I write? That is a very good question. I can never seem to find any answer for why I write the things that I do. But still, I feel the compelling urge to pick up my pencil and continue weaving tales from the recesses of my mind. I always feel the need to write down what I hear in my  head, fearing that if i don't record it, it will drive me insane or be lost forever. When I write, it helps to clear my mind, and it lays my fears and worries to rest. It has a peaceful quality, almost removing me from the world and taking me on a journey through my imagination-a place where the only rules that apply are the ones I want to. So, writing is my escape when the world gets rough, and it's something i may never be able to resist. 


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