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Game Show

September 13, 2017


"Welcome to the show! II'm your host Dean Schmidt, let's meet our contestants!" Schmidt said.

"Hi, I'm Dylan, I am a-" Dylan began but was interrupted by a "Who cares!" by Schmidt.

"Uh, I'm Stacey, and I want to be an artist," 

"That's totally interesting," 

"Hey, how come she-" Dylan began, but was glared a t by Schmidt, who for some reason had yellow eyes.

"I'm Steve, I came here to-" 

"I don't give a flying beef-whistle!" Schmidt it said.

"Anyway," Schidt began, " Here on, "This'll Be Bad!" we put these there contestants on a series of challenges!" 

"Oh like every game show ever," Dylan said.

"For that smart alec remarks, you go first Dylan!" 

"Eh, whatever," Dylan said.

Dylan was put in the center of the room, at the end there was a girl tied to a pole. 

"Wait, Monica?!" Dylan said.

"That's right Dylan," Schmidt said," We kidnapped your girlfriend to give you...motivation!"

Then the pole rose up, with Moica high in the air.

"You have thirty seconds to SAVE HER, and if you don't make it...well you'll find out!" 

Dylan thought this was a cruel joke, but then he instinctively went up the pole. 

"Well folks, let's talk about me shall we? I like violence, drama, being alive and.." 

Then in he noticed Dylan was half way up the pole.

"Oh SHOOT! What's the other thing I like?" Dylan was almost there, Schmidt tired to remember what he liked, then he had a looked of realization.

"Oh yeah! EXPLOSIONS!" Schmidt said loudly.

Then, the top of the pole exploded, killing Monica instantly. Dylan slid down, and understandably p, ran up to Schmidt.

"You MIRDERER!" Dylan was going to punch Schidt, but he caught.

"Dylan. if you hit me, you're gonna have a bad day," He then placed his face close to Dylan's and said, "You wanna have a bad day?" 

Dylan then walked back to the contestant box, to the equally traumatized contestants.
Well, not good quality, but I got to write!


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  • Glytch Montoya

    Wait a minute...
    MK. 3?!?!?!?!

    (Great work, by the way. I'm just now getting to read this stuff.)

    almost 3 years ago
  • f l o r a

    This should be a real game show
    I would binge watch this, for real

    almost 3 years ago