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Hey, Hadley.

Braving Life (Chapter Two)

September 15, 2017


    "Well, I don't know what the heck he meant," I snapped at my friend. "Watch the world and stay safe Jeannie Star. Survive life. Don't die. Okay! Oh, and by the way, love yourself!"
    "But it's very vague," Callie insisted.
    "Exactly. He's crazy in the brain. What jerk of a guy says that?"
    "Did he tell you his name?"
    "Jesse Withers. I already told you."
    "Can't you see it?"
    "He likes you."
     "I don't think so. He's all sort of brave and weird."
    "Mmm-hmm." Callie was soaking it up. Callie wore an excessive amount of makeup and enormous earrings. It went nice with her shaved head but she could really cut back on the eye shadow. She was very pretty and wore gorgeous clothes. She had a lot of money in her family - something I did not have at all. She could afford everything and anything. She was a nice person though, and shared her money. A lot. Well, some. Well, you know a bit. Or maybe a candy bar once a month. Anyway, she was a nice person, even though she was excessively selfish.
    I was more the shy clumsy type. But everyone already knew that so no new news there! I had black hair, I was short, very straight up and down, I got straight F's in school, and was a book nerd. I didn't care about school a tiny bit but I liked to run and read. But I wasn't good at running but I tried. You know, it more resulted in tripping and hitting my head constantly but it was fun. And when I was good, I was good. But I wasn't usually good. I was half black half white.
    "Is he at school?"
    "Probably. Now stop probing me! This is annoying. I hope I never see him again! He is annoying! Now, bye!" I tilted the table we were sitting by over and stormed out of the library.
    The librarian squawked in protest.
    "Stupid Jesse Withers. Can't leave me be...." I slammed the doors behind me and fell down the stairs, very ungracefully. "Stupid stairs. Stupid me. Stupid Jesse -"
    "Ello, girl."
    "Jesse," I chuckled. I stood quickly. "My shoes weren't tied. Heh-heh."
    "Have you been following what I ordered?"
    He smirked IN MY FACE. "I'll take that as a no, correct? You're still alive so that's a plus. Have you been wrestling? I imagine not, you're still very skinny and all legs."
    "Would you shut up? It's been two days! Even if I had started wrestling, which I haven't, you wouldn't see any stupid results!"
    "Are you mad at me?" Jesse observed.
    "Not mad at all."
    Jesse smiled softly. "Jeannie I have something to show you. Grab my hand."
    "And what stroll through town? Oh, sure I'm positive everyone wants to see me with the weirdo of the town, I'm already hated on enough, huh? Who cares what I think about my self esteem? I'll just pop around..." I trailed off unsure how to finish that sentence. "Anyway, I'm not angry." I mockingly held out my hand. I had woke up on the wrong side of the bed and this guy was not making me feel any better.
    "We're gonna go a long way," Jesse warned me.
    "ARE WE? And what do you mean by that? I hope you don't mean - "    
    "No," he replied quickly. "Not at all. I mean... Grab my hand and you'll see."
    I nervously stretched out my fingers. "Okay. But you're the one grabbing my hand."
    "My pleasure." He gripped my wrist with incredible force and twisted.
    I gasped in pain but it quickly faded as we were surrounded in black. I opened my eyes to find myself in an entirely different area. We had teleported.


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  • Lee Fudge

    Part Two of the series read binge.

    over 1 year ago
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    A cliffhanger! Can't wait to see what happens.

    almost 2 years ago
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    XD Thank you so much MoonFromAlola. That comment really brightened my day even though the cliffhanger may have dampened yours.

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    What?! No!! Dang cliff-hangers!! That was incredible!! Very great job!!

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    XD Bree, your comment made me laugh.

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    Goodness, cliff hangers are everywhere.

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    XD Love you too, Hadley.

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    Lil K, don't be sorry! I'm just glad that I got to read some of it today! Better go work on my Clarisse one for some payment, ey?
    ;) :) Love you

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    Sorry it's so short, y'all.

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