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Trying to make this my motto for life

either do something worth writing or write something worth reading
-Benjamin franklin

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When I was younger words flowed like water and i filled up 100s of notebooks and sleepless nights with make-believe tales.
Now it's harder because I don't want to write make belive anymore. I want to somehow capture the world in words. I'm still trying. It's hard because the world is so much harsher and my mind is so much more complicated than my 5yr old self could ever make-believe.

Everyone on this site has something to tell the world or to find inside themselves.

I know life is hard.

Try to write. Try to smile. Try to survive just one more day.

the world we live in now

September 13, 2017


imagine a world full of silence,
imagine a world full of hate,
imagine a world full of people,
not talking,
just staring into cyber
imagine a world full of towers,
imagine a world full of fear,
a world full of dictatoral power. 
Imagine that world.
Imagine it.
then look around.
because this is the world
we live in now.


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  • ARS7

    Very true. It's sad, yet God has a plan over it all.
    Powerful poem.
    Keep writing!

    3 months ago