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You should read the other parts if you want this to make sense.

The Living Statues (Part Three)

October 8, 2017


The next door's plate read "Annie the Arsonist". She and Ferris the Fireman were created for a fire safety campaign. The door had a lit match painted on to it. Once the Inspector and Violet were in the room, they saw a single book on a table called "How to Start Fires", many candles, a small desk, and for some reason a stuffed bunny. In the center Annie and Ferris were arguing, as usual. The room had used matches everyone, and the same picture, with the same face marked off, but it seemed to reveal a little bit of the face. Annie and Ferris looked at the door, and saw the Inspector and Violet, being shocked about seeing the inspector.

"By Anders Helvetica! You're back!" Annie yelled.

"Oh how are-" Ferris began, but was interrupted by a voice in a intercom.

"So...Julius got a new errand boy, eh?" A voice that sounded eerily familiar said.

Then a camera like device went to the Inspector's face.

"Let's get a good look at you..." The voice said, and after being quiet for a while, he yelled,"Wait you?!" 

The Inspector was confused, and the voice continued,"Out of all the errand boys, you were the one?! I knew you'd be back eventually but..."

"Wait! knew I was coming?" The Inspector said.

The voice was somehow able to awnser,"Wait, do you remember this place?" 

"Of course," The Inspector said,"I went here as a kid!"

The voice was silent, then laughed,"Oh you do you remember! But it seems you don't remember enough,"

"What does that mean?"

"You'll learn,"

Amd with a crackle, the voice was gone completely. The voice was so familiar. It sounded exactly like....

Anders Helvectica.

Yay! It's finally back! 


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