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Message to Readers

This is a poem that I wrote for school on the prompt, "Write about something in great detail that you see every day". I plan to add more to the last stanza, but I'm going to leave it alone for now. Thanks for reading, and hope you like it!


September 12, 2017


Off-white now 
from months of use 
with all manner of stuff
that cannot seem
to be cleared
piled upon it

A staple stuck into one end 
from a young one 
who couldn't think through
what he was doing

A whiteboard on the wall
surrounding by tacked-up papers
and with a face scribbled on it
in cartoon fashion
by one who couldn't draw

In the cabinet a notebook
or three
along with a book of poems
and a scrapbooking kit

In the drawer
a pile of pencils and pens
mixed with some erasers
sticky notes and a ruler

Beside it a chair
shiny white
with gaps in the back
and decorative holes in the seat
giving it an industrial glow

All this sitting on a shiny wood floor
stained in a dark brown
desperately needing swept
and cleared of things

All this surrounded by 3 more desks
one needing cleaned
another somewhat organized
and the last as messy as the first

Desks reflecting personalities
and reflecting lives


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