Jessica Cain

United States

Dear Broken Christian,

February 4, 2018

PROMPT: Open Prompt

Dear Broken Christian,
    You're probably wondering why you're here,
    listening to the screams of your fear.
    Your eyes have been trying so hard to see
    the purpose of this life whatever it may be.
    Your walking this rough road all alone.
    That's a lie.  I wish I could shout that from a megaphone.
    Jesus is there for you always.
    He listens to you who prays.

    When you cry out in the middle of the night for peace,
    He hears you and will make your doubts decrease.
    If you whisper for joy in the quietest place,
    He will answer you with His everlasting grace.

    You say I have asked and did not receive my request,
    Maybe you didn't ask God for the best.
    We ask for material things; not God's gifts.
    Pray that understanding from His word will lift.

    We all struggle, just look in the bible.
    Gideon was full of fear and David became homicidal.
    God used imperfect people to do great things,
    all those sinners would eventually get their wings.

    Don't hate yourself when your on the outs,
    or when your mind is filled with doubts.
    God still loves you no matter what,
    even if your prayer life is in a rut.

    When you feel like you could die,
    just raise your eyes to the sky.
​    Remember every Christian has been there,
    and that God has you in his care.

​Another Broken Christian

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