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A Favor (Clarisse's Story, Par.14)

September 15, 2017


    The next morning, had been the beginning of a nightmare. But listen, they don't always start off with something horrible. Maybe something stupid, but not horrible.
​"I CANT FIND MY TABLE!" Leo cried, on his knees at the Ares cabin doorstep.
​Clarisse watched as he wailed on and on about this 'table'.
​"Slow down," she interrupted, "You said, table, right?"
​Leo looked up, and nodded a thousand times. Clarisse sighed, rubbing her eyes. It was still the morning.
​"Ugh...go check the Hermes cabin or something, I don't know."
​He shot to his feet, eying the Hermes cabin. Without another word, he sprinted off.
​"Weirdo," she muttered.
​   A little while after her training time, Clarisse decided to go take a little adventure outside of camp. She loved doing that. But, when she started on the path in the forest, she saw a little troll like thing sleeping next to a tree. She unsheathed her sword, and walked over to it, prepared for anything.
​"Clarisse..." the troll muttered.
​Okay, she wasn't prepared for that. She raised an eyebrow, and lowered her sword. That voice almost sounded familiar. Without thinking, she picked up a stick. ​Also not thinking of a more peaceful method, she threw the stick at his head.
​"Ow!" the troll yelped, jumping to its feet. When it saw Clarisse, he froze in place.
​"Who are you?" she asked, raising her sword again.
​Turns out, he wasn't a troll at all. Just a very, short, angry satyr.
​"The names Gleeson. But you may call me Coach. Or Hedge. Wont matter cause I never wanna see you again. Ta-ta."
​Clarisse smirked, enjoying the satyrs sassiness. It was after all her soft spot.
​"Okay," she said, "You don't have to wanna see me. But I was actually looking for someone. Ever heard of someone named Thalia Grace?"
​Coach Hedge shivered.
​"I'm to familiar....But what makes you think that I is gunna help you?" he asked, his accent kicking in.
​Clarisse crossed her arms. Clarisse was tempted to threaten, but her eyes wandered on the bottom of the tree. There was a sleeping bag, a wooden bat, and a few Pop Tart wrappers. A grin came to her face, but she hid it quickly.
"Nice bat," she said.
​"What is it, very precious to ya?" she asked, eyeing the bat.
​Clarisse swiftly yanked the bat from the dirt pile, and held it over her head, making Coach Hedge try to jump.
​"Hey!" he yelled, "That's my property you-you...." Coach bit his tounge. He forgot he had a wife and kid somewhere in this forest.
​Clarisse raised an eyebrow.
​"Did I make you mad?" she asked mockingly.
​The Coach crossed his arms, and pouted.
​Clarisse sighed, her arm getting tired in the air.
​" If you really want this bat back, tell me where I can find Thalia Grace."
​Coach hedge grunted.
​"I hate you demi-turds..."
​Clarisse smirked, handing him his bat. When he had safely guarded it with his wrappers and sleeping bag, he turned back to Clarisse.
​"If your looking for Thalia and know her name like that, you'll know that she's a daughter of Zeus. She usually hangs out at this forbidden land that no one dares to venture to any more," he said, his accent growing creepy but then back to normal, "Or at this coffee shop downtown."
​Clarisse chose the coffee shop. She wasn't in the perfect mood for batteling today anyways.
   Clarisse hopped out of her cab, leaving the driver with a tip. She walked across the street, and her eyes met the sign above the coffee shop door.
​What a weird name...

​But she just shrugged it off before walking inside to meet her old friend. When she was inside, she heard faint jazz music playing from the speakers on the ceiling. There was an old man and woman sitting by the window, and almost all of the other seats were empty. But sure enough, Thalia Grace was in one of them. She sat near the wall, covered in shadows as he talked to some boy who wore...​a roman shirt? ​Clarisse kept her eye on him as she approached the table.
​"Thalia," she said, getting her attention.
​Thalia looked up with surprise. She smiled, pulling up a chair.
​"Well, well. Clarisse La Rue. What a surprise. Need money? A weapon? Somewhere to hide a body?"
Clarisse chuckled, forcing a smile as she sat with her and the boy.
​"Actually, I wanted to take you up on that favor that you owed me. But before we get into all of that, who the Hades is this?" she asked, pointing a finger at the boy.
​Thalia laughed lightly.
​"Ah, of course. Where are my manners. Clarisse, this is Jason. He's my brother."
Clarisse looked at him.
​"Your Jason? Jason Grace? The one that saved Camp Half Blood with your prophecy buddies?"
​He nodded, a smile forming.
​"I did do that, didn't I?"
​Clarisse contained the urge to boast about her successes.
Romans...​she thought.​
Thalia cleared her throat, snapping Clarisse's attention on Jason.
​"My brother here just came back from college with his girlfriend. I offered him a place at my apartment until he found somewhere, but he insists to be a hobo."
​Jason glared at his sister.
"Did ​not!! ​Piper thinks I already have a place for us, so I don't need your apartment."
​Thalia threw her hands in the air, her eyes wide with frustration.
"BUT YOU DONT HAVE A PLACE!" she exclaimed.
As much as Clarisse liked a good fight, her head was already killing her.
​"Alright guys, that's quite enough," she cut in, "Thalia? The deal?"
Thalia nodded, setting down her coffee. Clarisse and Thalia left Jason and the café behind as they took a walk onto the empty-ish of Manhattan. Clarisse looked over at Thalia, who had apparently been smirking this whole time.
​"So," Thalia started, "What adventure do you want? Kill the dead? Go to the underworld and mock Hades until he cries? Steal Cerberus?-"
​Clarisse shook her head, grinning over at Thalia.
​"Lets go pay Nyx a visit."
​   The thought of going was thrilling it's self. But Clarisse just remembered how much she hated the journey to get there. Without Festus and Leo, she had to get on train after train, get drooled on, sit on a random bench and wait for a bus, get sneezed on, and then go on a snowy hike. In summer. To Nyx's place. But with Thalia, she knew that they would have a cool transportation system. She just didn't think it would be a taxi cab. On their way there, they had to make a few stops. Apparently Thalia's friend Nico Di'Angelo owed her a favor as well.
​    Nico was waiting in the cab while Thalia and Clarisse had just arrived. Thalia looked back at Clarisse with a grin.
​"Trust me C, this is about to be one good taxi ride."
​Clarisse hoped in after her, and the cab sped off. Clarisse had forgotten what Nico looked like. With his black hair, dark brown eyes, and pale skin...he was really ​creepy. But at least he could get us to Nyx's place first. Nico sat in the passenger seat up front next to the cap driver, who had something wrong about him. Clarisse just couldn't put her finger on it.
​"Hey Thalia. Clarisse," Nico said, breaking the silence.
​Clarisse waved slowly, looking out the window.
​"So," Thalia spoke, "Me and Clarisse wanted to know if you could take us to...erm...Nyx's cave?"
​Surprisingly, that must not have been the weirdest thing he had heard all day, because he seemed pretty cool with the idea.
"Okay, that could be arranged. But only one condition. I stay out of it. I'm only here for the favor of taking you there, not joining anything, got it?"
​Thalia silently nodded in agreement. Clarisse had the rest of the ride to do anything. But she was actually stuck on thinking about Ryker. She hadn't spoke with him today, and he kind of just came back from the dead, so it was really weird not seeing him for the whole day. And also visiting his evil ex-mother was weird enough as it is. Hopefully everything went all right.
​  When they arrived, Thalia said she was going to stay behind in the car while Clarisse went to speak with Nyx. Clarisse agreed, but wasn't really sure she was up to this...alone. But, she was the daughter of Ares. She couldn't turn something this huge down when she was already here, now could she?
​   Clarisse slowly crept into the cave entrance, a shiver escaping down her spine.
​This place is to familiar...
​To get herself some attention, she picked up a rock that was lying around on the gravel and dirt floor, and hit it on the wall. Soon enough, all eyes were on her. All of Nyx's henchmen started gathering around, but Clarisse noticed right away what was wrong with them. They were all short. Not one of them tall, but they already scared her to death with those faces. Though, they didn't look that bright. One of them could walk into the wall, and think that they're walking over the rainbow.
​"Well, hello boys," Clarisse started, "I am looking for you're lovely master."
One of the henchmen shrugged.
"She left."
​She raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean left?"
​He shrugged again, before they all walked off to continue with their work.
​One stayed behind, walking up to Clarisse. When he was close enough, he whispered:
​"She said she has some business to take care of."
​   Clarisse stood there, her eyes growing with tears, soon flooding out onto her cheeks.



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