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A dreamy and realistic girl trapped and set free within the confinements and boundless imagination of her monstrous and magical mind. Careful where you step darling, lest you fall into the vibrant, glittering darkness of mine.


September 10, 2017

PROMPT: Year by Year

Year 1: I am born as a typical chubby and pale Asian baby. Interestingly enough, my birthday was near my hometown's birthday so I was born in the midst of a birthday celebration fair.  
Year 2: I am able to stand. My mother would hold the bottle of milk and I would waddle over and drink. My brother thought the formula was gross. I apparently didn't. 
Year 3: It's my last free year before school begins. I get my ears pierced with tiny gold hoops, which were never taken off.
Year 4: Preschool starts. When the teachers let us choose our own activities, I did a worksheet on the letter "E" instead of playing with toys. I get my first of many nightmares after watching Thomas the Train.
Year 5: Kindergarten starts. I break my first tooth on a watermelon and join the dance team. I am exposed to this phenomenon called death after my grandmother dies.
Year 6: First grade starts. I'm an overachiever student and my passion for writing has been seeded beside me. All I would wear were uniform dresses and skirts with pigtails. 
Year 7: Second grade starts. I learn that sometimes, people just don't like you anymore without telling you the reason. I get glasses.
Year 8: Third grade starts. My love of writing is rapidly sprouting. I learn that I'm the type of person to put an extraordinary, even ridiculous amount of details into my stories. 
Year 9: Fourth grade starts. I learn that sleeping at 10 or 11 o' clock is normal for students. I learn that my gold earring hoops can be taken off and I start wearing different varieties of earrings. 
Year 10: Fifth grade starts. Because I was in a combo class with sixth graders, I was able to learn how to form closer bonds with the small number of fifth graders in my class, but I grew distant with the regular fifth graders. 
Year 11: Sixth grade starts. According to the Chinese zodiac, it was my animal's year. I spent most of it on Youtube after my friend introduced me to it. 
Year 12: Seventh grade starts. I quit the dance team and explore the pop culture in music. I get into social media. 
Year 13: Eight grade starts. I learn to be more social, though I am still awkward. My friends and I cherish the moments together, knowing high school will be different. I lose glasses and get night contacts. 
Year 14 (now): Ninth grade starts. Some of my friends are now only memories, but new friendships have been established. I delve into realms of music. Favorites? Pop and electro.


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  • -Foxmillionaire-

    I love your bio, It's very well written.

    over 2 years ago
  • AbigailSauble

    :D It's fun learning about each other.
    Have a great day! God bless!

    over 2 years ago