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The Living Statues (Part Two: Revised)

October 4, 2017


Violet made tea, the Inspector wondered why she made tea in the first place, but remembered that these robots could eat and drink, albeit he wasn't sure where it went. 

"Sorry about the wait," She said, hand him a cup of tea.

"So, you can talk now?" The Inspector said.

"Uh," Violet said nervously, "How have you been?" 

She had dodged the question, but it didn't bother him. He wasn't here for that anyway.

"I am an Inspector now," The Inspector said.

"A what?" 

"I work for the Department of Investigtive Services, we investigate...things,"

"You can't tell me?! You used to tell me everything!" Violet seemed hurt.

"It's classified, and you never responded," 

"You know, I remember when you lasted visited,"  Violet said.

He rembered that day, in 1982, he was sixteen at the time, but he still spend a s much time at the Place of Living Statues as much as he did as a kid. He remembered saying God-bye to Violet.

"Hey Violet,"  The Inspector said when he was but a child.

"I'm moving to a different city," 

Violet was rather devastated, all the Statues liked the inspector, but she loved there one sided talks. And now..they wouldn't happen.

"I'm not sure if I'll see any of you again" This crushed her even more.

Then he just left, she was sad she wouldn't do anything, and they closed her room.

But three days later that incident happened. The reason the Inspector was here. 

"I was rather sad when you left, you said nothing when you left the room," Violet said.

"I did that to everyone of you," The Inspector said. He was rather sad to hear her say that, but it's 1998 now, so he let it go.

"Oh, speaking of everyone, they would want to see you!" Violet said happy again,"Come I'll take you!"

Violet grabbed the Inspector's hand, pulling him out the door, and pulling him to the door across the hall. The plate said "Perry the Pirate" and the door had a cannon firing a cannonball. 

Violet opened the door, and the room had a maps on the walls, a huge desk at the end of the wall, and shelves upon shelves of antiques. On the desk, there was the same picture of the Statues, Pery at the back due to being taller, and the same man's face blotted out. He seemed...familiar somehow.

Perry was sitting at the desk. He looked,like a sterotypical pirates captain, which a large hat, and beard. He also had some very out of period boots, which the Inspector had noticed when he was a kid., He said,"It be nice if ye knoc-" 

He stopped because he saw the Inspector.

"Well, I'll be darned! It's you!" Pery said, extremely suprised,"Can't seem to recall your name," 

"I just noticed I can't either," Violet said.

"Eh, no bother, how ye been?" Perry said.

"I have been fine, what about you," The Inspector said.

"Oh, nothing really, been to town sometimes," Perry said.

"You guys go to town?" The inspector asked. 

"Oh yeah, we never get noticed though," 

"Okay..." The Inspector said finding this suspicious.

"Well, you got more of us to meet, so get going ," Perry said, waving them off.

However the Inspector only need see the last one.

The revised part two of this series!

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