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Peter Reinart: Defense Attorney (Part Five)

September 9, 2017


Prosecutor Orson's first witness was a man named Pastor Dunn. He was a rather short, old mans with a bushy beard.

"So," Orson said in his extremely southern accent,"Mr. Welles is being accuse of vandalizing multiple churchs, including yours. Do you believe he did it?" 

"Yes, yes, yes. He has been seen by many of our cameras. All the chruchs have them nowadays," Pastor Dunn said in a Texan accent. 

"I will now show you that video," Orson said.

He then got a projector, fumbled around with it for a while, until finally the bailiff finally healed him, mostly because he felt bad for the poor old southern.

The video quality was terrible, you couldn't the person in the videos face. However if you squinted, and turned your head thirty degrees, as Orson pointed out, it kinda looked like Welles. The Judge seemed satisfied with this. 

"Mr. Reimart, you may question the witness," The Judge said.

"So, Pastor Dunn, you think that's Welles in the video, yes?" Reinart asked.

"Yes, that's true," Dunn said.

"Well, anyone could have bought the brand of clothing Welles' is wearing anywhere, in fact you did," Reinart said.

"What?" Dunn said, his eyebrows rasing.

"Indeed, when walking over to the stand, you dropped a receipt, saying your bought the kind of clothing Welles wears," Reinart said, showing the receipt.

"But, I didn't..." Dunn said.

"That's enough, I will make my verdict. In the case of Chruchs vs. Welles, I rule in favor of Weel!"

After all of them left the courtroom, Welles looked uncomfortable.

"Dunn didn't drop a piece of paper, right?"

"...No he didn't," Reinart said.

"Then where did you...?" 

"It was forged, I knew I couldn't win, so it was forged," 

"Then you..."

"Just be happy your free," Reinart said walking away.

He's back, and more corrupt! Finally got back to this.


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