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She's Shy, I'm Shy

By: AbigailSauble


There's a shy girl in the corner. Peeking out at the giggling groups of girls clustered toward the middle of the brightly-lit, square room. I'm standing in another corner, glancing up from my textbook. She looks a lot like me. Standing by herself. In one resolute moment, I tuck the ring-bound book under my arm, and stride over, watching out for any wastebaskets or stray book bags blocking my way. I come within two yards of the shy girl, and suddenly my mouth refuses to cooperate. 
   Come on! I urge myself. But my stuttering has already kicked in. My mouth opens and closes, and my head bobs as I try to force a simple greeting from my lips. The girl glances over, sending me a shy smile. 
   "Hi!" Triumph! "I'm Annaliese. What's your name?" I smile wide, both from my accomplishment, and from the look on the girl's face as I introduce myself. She's obviously never had someone initiate a personal conversation with her before. 
"Paige." Her eyes brighten. 
   "That's a great name! How old are you?" I try encouraging her into a conversation.
"I'm 14." 
   "Neat! I'm 15. But I still think of myself as 14." I wink, and glance out at the mass of girls in the center. 
"Do you live around here?"
   "Yeah, on Key Street." 
"Really? I live one street over. Carlson Street. In the big tan-colored house." My brain searches for another subject, but Paige beats me to it.
   "Do you have any animals?" She asks quietly, looking at me in interest. Apparently the idea of a neighbor girl excites her. Well, she's not the only one.
"Yes! A dog named Sheba. Do you have any siblings?"
   And that's how the conversation went. Steadily building up a new friendship. And it all started with: She's shy. I'm shy. Seriously, we should meet. 

Peer Review

The very last, as it is the most recent one and really added a last little shot of emotion.

Happiness and hope. The kind of happiness that makes healthy laughter more feasible.

Was this inspired from an event in your own life, and if so, are you still friends?

Reviewer Comments

As an introvert who doesn't like crowds and is at this very moment failing to arrive at a concert I was invited to, I can say that you are spot on when it comes to an introvert's feelings and thoughts when initiating a conversation. Because you capture the picture so accurately, you must also be introverted? If you aren't, then my hat is off to you for your incredible empathy! Empathy being the ability to put yourself in another's shoes.

Often when reading work on here it's hard for me to get past the "Consciously-reading-this" stage and into the story itself. I had no trouble with your piece. Thank you for a very enjoyable read!

I'm excited to find a fellow Christian on here! being from Utah, are you Mormon? I was homeschooled as well.