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I cried halfway through reading this. I didn't know I would get this far through!! Enjoy the music!
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Ryker and Clarisse: Memories

September 9, 2017


 Clarisse stood up, and grabbed her things, leaving her resting hilltop. She travelled into the town of Manhatten, walking along the sidewalk of bustling tourists. She kept her head down. She walked onto the other side of the street, and waited for a bus to take her up north. She sat on a bench, along with another woman. Clarisse looked over at her. She was a very skinny lady, with long, curly brown hair lying on her back. She looked like she hadn't eaten in days. She looked in her purse, and grabbed a granola wrapper, with a weak smile spreaded across her face, making little wrinkles appear on her cheeks above. A little girl and her mother came walking by with her mother, and the little girl pointed at the woman's granola bar.
​"Mommy, please! I really want one!"
​Her mother sighed, and looked at the woman.
​The woman, her smile still there, gave the girl the granola bar.
​"There you go, sweetheart. Enjoy."
​The girl and the mother walked away, leaving the old woman sitting alone on the bench, with nothing but her empty purse.
  I frowned, and saw a store right across from the bench. I considered the lady, then put a smile on my face.
​"Excuse me, ma'am? Could you be so kind to watch my bag for me really quick?"
​She turned to me, and smiled.
​"Of course, dear."
     Clarisse hopped up, and disappeared into the store. She came back out a few moments later, with a big brown bag full of sandwiches, chocolates, and some more snacks. She sat back down on the bench, and turned to the woman. The old woman smiled at her, and handed her Clarisse's backpack.
​"There you are, dear." she said.
​Clarisse smiled, and laid the bag right in front of her.
"And, there you are, Mrs."
​The woman's eyes widened, as tears filled her eyes. "Why...for m-me?"
​Clarisse nodded, before standing up with her bag.
"Enjoy, ma'am."

  "Look Chiron, if this is your dumb way of 'comforting' someone, then it really sucks."
​He chuckled. Clarisse was really getting ready to slap him, until the doors to the Big House opened behind them. Clarisse turned around, to see a middle aged woman standing in the doorway, her face expression unreadable. Her eyes glinted somehow, because of the setting sun behind the forest. The woman's eyes lighted up as they meet Clarisse's. Though, Clarisse had no idea what was going on, until the Woman spoke a sentence to Clarisse.
​"I only want you to do one thing for me in life hun. Go make-"
​"-me proud. And don't forget to make mistakes. Because that's what makes you special..." Clarisse finished, her eyes filled up with tears. Behind her she heard a chuckle. Though, this time, it wasn't Chiron.
​"Happy birthday babe." Ryker said smiling at her.
​She turned around and met his eyes, tears running down her cheeks. She looked back around at the woman, who now had a blueberry muffin in hand.
​"My favorite muffin..." she said, walking slowly up the steps of the Big House.
​"Oh honey, I missed you.." the woman said.
​Clarisse moved her eyes off the muffin, and onto hers.
​"M-.......M-mom?" she asked, tears still racing down her cheeks, flustering her brain.
Her mother scooped her up in a huge hug, resulting to Clarisse sobbing on her shoulder.
​"Welcome home sweetie. Welcome home..."

"So... how do you like camp so far?" she asked him, brushing her hair out of her face.
​His eyes darted onto hers.
​"Well, its definitely different from the summer camp I went to last year. I haven't seen any ​macaroni art."
​Clarisse grinned, meeting his eyes.
​They continued walking, the suns heat dying down after it set. Stars shined down on them both, putting a twinkle in each of their eyes.
​"Thank you for the walk. After training today, that was super relaxing." she said.
​He laid his stick on the ground, and smiled at her.
​"Course. The pleasures all mine, Clarisse."
​She couldn't help but to blush.
​He nodded his head to her, giving her a silent farewell. Clarisse turned her back to him, as she walked back into her cabin. Sherman was sitting on his bed, wedeling on a stick with another sharp stick he wedeled the night before. She sat on her bunk, and removed her shoes. She laid there for a moment, staring at the ceiling. Thoughts travelled through her mind, but she decided to ignore them. As soon as she laid down, she passed out.
​      In the morning, Clarisse sat at the Ares table along with her siblings. She stabbed her fork into her eggs, sending yoke running all over her toast. She lifted her head up, and looked at the rest of the tables. Everything was calm. At first, she didn't see Ryker. But, then she looked at the table that, until now, no one has sat at in decades. Literally, decades. My eyes widened.
​Ryker was sitting alone at that table. He ate his toast, and caught Clarisse's eye.
​He waved, smiling. She waved back, and exchanged the smile.
​She hid her face as she ate, and the same words kept racing through her mind.
​Ryker. Ryker is a son of Nyx....Ryker is a son of Nyx....
​    Shortly after breakfast, Clarisse sat under a tree on top of the hill that looked over the camp.
​She watched the campers climb over the lava wall. She watched the campers watch Percy show off to Annabeth, and then fail. She watched the campers being forced into the medical bay, just​ because they almost died. Big deal!
​  Her thoughts were interrupted when someone tapped her on the shoulder. She spun around, and took Ryker's wrist, and flipped him over again. Ryker laughed along with her as she helped him up.
​"Wow, I feel bad for everyone else you greet." he said, still laughing.
​Clarisse smirked.
"Hey, your ​not dead!" she said.

Hey Clarisse, glad your back."
​Her eye twitched. Without double thinking it, she slapped him. Hard.
​Percy remained still, only his eyes screamed of pain as they stared at her.
​"Hello to you to.." he said slowly, rubbing his cheek.
​"Why the hades did you spread rumors of me getting kicked out of camp, Jackson!?" she yelled.
​She raised her fist to his face, but Percy quickly slammed the door. All you could hear was Percy's heavy breathing, and almost 30 locks clicking on the inside of the door.
​Clarisse sighed, heading to her cabin. As she reached the door, a conch horn blew, sending a sound all over the camp. She, along many other campers, went to see what was up.
​     Once all of the campers were gathered into a group, Chiron clipity-clopped into sight.
​"So sorry to disturb your time, fellow students. But, we have a new demigod amongst us."
​Clarisse rolled her eyes. ​Fantastic. Now their going to get the wrong impression of me just because of that stupid rumor- oh wait a second. I don't have feelings for campers anyway....huh. This makes everything way easier now. Thanks, hatred in my heart. You've saved me again.
​But then, Chiron clapped the new camper on the back.
​That camper, was Ryker.
​I hate you heart.

"You got this Clarisse. I believe in you." he said.
​She smiled at him, and watched him run back in.
​   She pulled out her sword, and slashed her way through every monster that stood in her path. Without another step, the rain stopped. The clouds shifted into new colors un-heard of, or seen. Clarisse turned around, facing the battle. The campers had almost all retreated. Walking through the lines of monsters and campers, Hera came through. Following her, was all the gods of Olympus you could name; Demeter, Ares, Aphrodite, Hades, Dionysus, Athena, Artemis, and even Zeus, etc. They came walking through, making half of the monster’s retreat. Ryker came running to my side, panting. I looked over at him.
​"What's going on? Why are the god's here?!" I asked, sliding my sword and dagger back into their sheaths.
​"I don't know...I was about to ask you the same thing."
​All the campers were standing behind me, once the monsters were all gone. Zeus stood aside Hera, and stopped walking once they reached the hill.
​"Greetings you puny dem-"
​Hera cut him off by elbowing his ribs.
​"You dumb little-"
​She elbowed him again. Zeus threw his hands in the air.
​"I have nothing, woman!" he yelled.
​Hera rolled her eyes, and stepped forward.
​"Campers, what my husband meant ​to say was, if it wasn't for you all, the gods might be no more!"
​Clarisse exchanged looks with Ryker, before hearing a voice behind her speak up.
​"Hi dad!" Leo Valdez yelled, while his brothers and sisters held him up into the air.
​Hephaestus stumbled through the crowd of gods and goddesses, waving, while jumping up and down.
​"HI SON! Guess what?" he called.
​"What?!" Leo asked, their voices echoing across the barren battle ground.
​Hera and Zeus exchanged glances, before clearing their throats, glaring at Leo's father.
​"Sorry.." he said, and he backed up into the crowd again.
​Ryker spoke then.
​     "Lady Hera, what do you mean the gods would be no more?" he called out to her.
​I looked at him, with an impressed look on my face. Even I wouldn’t talk with that old hag. (If you know what I mean.)
"Well," Hera said, "Kronos and his war army were on their way to our hilltop. But, with you all defeating most of the monsters, Kronos would have to reschedule. He would need to heal his monsters again before commencing another attack on Olympus. Well done, Greeks."
​Reyna stood with Chiron, grinning. She spoke to Chiron, but I could make out what the words were saying.
​"I'm impressed." she said.
Clarisse smiled. That is, until her dad came next to Hera's side.
"I am looking for Clarisse La Rue." he called, making the ground rumble underneath her worn out hunting boots. She hesitated, but then stepped forward.
​"I'm right here father. What do you want?"
​He stepped closer. I looked back at Ryker, but he gave me thumbs up. I turned back to my father. He was close enough for me to see the fire in his eyes. Literally.
​"I wanted to say congratulations. You completed your task in the battle, and saved what I hate that I must call a home. Thank you, daughter."
​She kept a straight face, and bowed before him.
​"Thank you, father." she said.

Clarisse stared at him, suppressing a small smile.
​"So, this Sam was your friend?"
​He nodded as they continued to walk past other campers.
​"Yeah. I don't know why I just suddenly blurted his name out the other day...but it bothers me that I don't even remember what my friend looks like."
​   Clarisse and him continued to discuss about Sam, unaware of what was going on back in the Circe cabin. Jean and Sadie had come back from breakfast, and Jean was practicing some new magic tricks, while Sadie scolded him about being nice to their new brother.
​"-Okay I'm done!" she yelled.
​Jean counted down in his head. ​
​"How can you be so rude?! Rainbows and magic are supposed to welcome Ryker in our cabin, NOT scare him out! Why isn't he here?! Is he at practice or something?! Or did YOU scare him out?" she asked, jabbing a finger in his face.
​Jean rolled his eyes, per usual.
​"Trust me, if I wanted to scare him out by now, I would've done it a long time ago. Besides, what's more scary that rainbows and magical talking creatures?"
​Sadie gasped, covering her bunny's ears.
"How dare you!" she whisper yelled.
​The bunny's nose twitched.
​"EASTER!" he yelled, making Jean groan with frustration.
​   Ryker and Clarisse had just finished their training, when they heard their names being shouted from halfway across the field. Clarisse looked over to see Percy and Annabeth running over to them. She rolled her eyes, and Ryker hand in hand met them halfway across the field.
​"Clarisse...I...have say..." Percy said out of breath.
"Well, what is it?" she asked.
​Annabeth rolled her eyes when Percy retreated to the water fountain. She turned her attention back to Clarisse and Ryker.
​"Well, what the sea urchin was trying to say, was that the oracle wanted to speak with you."
​Clarisse nodded.
​"Okay, I'll go get my stu-"
​"No, not you Clarisse," she said firmly, "Ryker is needed."
Ryker grinned looking at Clarisse.
​"Voldemort, ah scores again."
​Clarisse punched his arm before he ran off to the oracles cave.

Clarisse hid her smile, but her blush couldn't be contained on such short notice.
"Well, what do you want? A thank you?" she asked, crossing her arms.
​The boy shrugged, and smiled.
​"Wouldn't help. But, I feel like I should introduce myself. I'm Ryker." he held out his hand.
​Clarisse rolled her eyes, but shook his hand. "Clarisse."
​"Nice name." he said.
​"Not to bad yourself."
​Before they could say anything else, the principal came walking into the hall.
​"What are you people doing out here? Your supposed to be eating your lunch!" she said sternly
​"And what if we're not hungry?" Clarisse asked, failing to hide her sassiness.
​The principals eyes turned from dark brown, to light red.
​"Then we're going to have a problem." she replied.
​"Get down!" Clarisse yelled, pushing herself, and Ryker onto the hall floor.
​The principal threw a dagger from her hand, missing as they hit the floor. Ryker's face basically explained how he was feeling at the moment. But, he took Clarisse's dagger from her hand.
​"Hey!" she yelled.
​"I got this..." he muttered to himself.
​He threw the dagger at the teacher, making her dissolve into smoke.
A million thoughts were going through her head, but she really​ wanted to punch that boy. No one fights Clarisse's battles! NO ONE!
​Ryker looked at Clarisse, and handed her the dagger. "Thanks for letting me borrow that missy."
"Where the crap did you learn to do that?" She asked, eager to know.
​He looked around the hall, checking for eavesdroppers. Once he saw they were the only ones in the hall, he pulled up his shirt sleeve, revealing the roman tattoo that Clarisse's half-friend has, along with Reyna.
​"I'm not supposed to tell anyone, but your cool. It wouldn't hurt to tell a smart, pretty girl." he said.
​Clarisse raised an eyebrow, blushing.
​"Hold it there, Peter Piper. Did you just call me pretty?"
​This time, Ryker blushed, but also let out a small laugh.

Ryker appeared at her side in the field.
​"Okay know whatever happens...we have each other, right?"
​She looked over at him.
Ryker looked over at her, his eyes full of regret.
​   Clarisse led everyone to their battleground. She made everyone have their swords handy, and their armor ​not​ crooked. So, she had to fix Percy's about fifteen or so times. When they arrived, Ryker and her spilt apart into two different attack teams. She was leader A, and he was B. Though, she really wanted to name him Voldemort. What a shame.
​Clarisse waited for a signal. When she didn't receive one, she decided that the huge foot that landed in front of her was a good enough one.
​"CHARGE!" She cried, her voice swarming everyone's ears to be heard.
Ryker's team charged forth, accompanied by Clarisse's soldiers. But Clarisse decided to do her dirty work alone. That way, she could do it her way. She sliced her way through one of the giants while Ryker's team were battling against a thirty headed hydra. Clarisse's team took on the drakons, hellhounds, and others that you could barely read the name, little less pronounce it correctly.
She killed another giant.
​"Hah! Take that you oversized Panopts!"
​(Raise your hand if you understand this reference! No one? it.)
​Clarisse pushed a grin off her face when she felt a piercing pain in her side. She looked over to see an arrow, stuck in her waist. She swallowed her scream, and threw her dagger at the monster who dared to cause her this much pain.

Clarisse sighed, standing up by the lake.
​"I'm so pathetic. I bet you'd be laughing right now..."
​Behind her, a voice began laughing louder and louder, until a hand was placed on her shoulder.
Next thing Clarisse knew, she had judo flipped the person onto the ground.
​"Ack..." Ryker squeaked out.
​Clarisse gasped, helping him up.
​"RYKER!!" she screamed.
​She jumped into his arms, and he spun her around in the air laughing. He pulled back to look at her face.
​"I promised. I wasn't ever going to leave you."
​She smiled as he set her down. Then she smacked him.
​Apollo laughed out loud from the parked chariot in the sky, his voice echoing out.
​"CALLED IT!" he yelled.
​Ryker grinned at Clarisse.
​Ryker pulled Clarisse into a kiss. She smiled, relaxing into his embrace.
​"I missed you Ryker..." she muttered against his sweater.
​He smiled.
​"I missed you to, sweetheart."

"So," Clarisse said taking another bite of her sandwich, "You enjoyed today?"
​Ryker nodded, enjoying his salad. "It been da bestf," he said, a tomato popping out of his mouth. Clarisse laughed.
​He blushed, finishing his dinner. They watched the stars appear in the sky, before Ryker stood up.
"Guess what today is?"
​Clarisse smiled up at him, the grass tickling her nose.
​"It's our 6 month anniversary."
​Clarisse's eyes widened, sitting up.
​"Your kidding!" she exclaimed.
​Ryker chuckled, shaking his head.
​Clarisse frowned. "I didn't get you anything..."
Ryker laughed, crouching down in front of her.
​"I didn't either...even?"
​"Odd," she laughed, tackling him in the grass with a hug. He laughed, wrapping his arms around her in the night, under the stars.

I shrugged, and headed off to find Ryker. It was late Fall, so the weather wasn’t the warmest, but it still worked for me. I liked the fall, and winter. Ryker was playing basketball with some of the Nike children. Clarisse went over, and Ryker smiled.
​"Take five, guys." he said.
​"That's only cause you-" one Nike demigod started.
​"-you'll loose!" another one finished.
​They eyed each other, and ran off, side by side. I chuckled when Ryker put the basketball down.
​"What?" he said grinning.
​"I just didn't knew you played basketball." she said, stealing his ball.
​"Hey!" he laughed, chasing her down the hill.
​She laughed, holding the ball in her arms. She sped down the hill, and stopped herself, before she hit the lake.
​Ryker yelped. "INCOMING!"
​They splashed into the water together, both popping their heads out laughing. Clarisse stood from the ice cold water, and ringer out her shirt.
​Percy was laughing from the top of the hill. Clarisse saw him, and glared. Percy waved, and made a heart with the water. Ryker laughed, and went up to the beach once Percy had left.
​"Well, that was fun." Clarisse said, smiling at the moon.
​Ryker looked over at her, and smiled. "Yeah. But I so beat you to the beach."
​She looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "Excuse me?"
​"Yeah, I did. But you know... you were still pretty good."
​Clarisse narrowed her eyes, but smirked, as she punched his arm.
​"Ow!" he said, and couldn't help laughing.
​He helped her out of the sand. "Come on, its dinner time at the Pavilion."
​She nodded, and began to walk up the hill with him, hand in hand. (Like always.)

She smiled, laying her head on his chest as they gazed up at the stars.
​"I love you Ryker."
​Ryker almost choked when he replied. Tears filled up in his eyes, but he kept a straight face. For her.
​"I love you to, Clarisse."
​ Soon enough, they fell asleep underneath the blanket of stars. Up on Olympus, Hera, Zeus, and Artemis were looking down onto him, with a weak smile, and saddened eyes.
​"It's finally happening...the prophecy is finally happening. Now what do we do?" Hera spoke.
​Zeus took a long sip of his root beer before replying.
​"Now, all we have to do is wait, and hope for the best. We have one enemy now everyone," he said, turning to the group of gathered gods and goddesses, "Time. Ryker Stone had out fate in his hands, along with many others. That battle next week...its going to contain many surprises for the young hero's. But, if we have our faith in Ryker, maybe that will change something. But remember our one rule. We cannot let this boy die. Ever. Because he is the fate of our kind."
​Artimes looked down at Ryker, raising her dagger into the air.
​"For Ryker."
​Apollo set his Kool Aid down, getting one last good long sip, before raising his lyre into the air.
​"For Ryker."
​Soon, everyone else did the same. Ares raised his spear. Athena raised her favorite bookshelf, effusing to only pick one book.
​"Their all lovely!" she would say.
Aphrodite would raise her hairbrush. Dionysus raised his wine bottle. Hermes raised his staff. Demeter raised her corn. Hades didn't show up. Again. Poseidon raised his trident. And everyone else raised their most valued possessions, repeating one thing.
​"For Ryker."
​  Clarisse and Ryker's hearts started glowing from underneath their clothes back down in the grassy field.
​Artimes smiled at them both.
​"You two...until next week," she said, blowing a sweet scent in the wind, filling Clarisse and Ryker's hair.
​   The next morning, Clarisse and Ryker skipped training. They felt so weird today. They felt more...alive.
​Clarisse, for the first time in a while, blew the conch horn. The wind, still smelling sweetly,
​was filled of happiness. The sun was shining down on them, and the skies were a beautiful blue. No one got into any fights today, and were all ready to listen for command. Everyone gathered around Clarisse and Ryker when she finished blowing the conch horn. She smiled, as everyone gathered around.
"Good morning Campers. I didn't get permission from Chiron to blow the horn, so I will make this as quick as possible," she yelled over the field, her voice sweet sounding and alive, "I know that this has been a few weird couple of weeks for everyone because of all of the training, and your own problems-"
​"I KNOW HER!!" Leo Valdez shouted out from the crowd.
​Calypso, his girlfriend, smacked his arm so he'd shut up. Rolling her eyes, Clarisse continued.
​"​Anyways, ​I wanted to give a message to everyone out there before the battle next week. We are Greek demigods. And we are strong. I've had word that the Roman camp, Camp Jupiter, is going to assist us next week. But don't think we need them to be strong. Everyone of you guys out here are strong, and I don't normally give speeches, but WE ARE CAMP HALF BLOOD. AND WE WILL DO ANYTHING TO MAKE US STRONG. We don't need to be scared, or hide in the dark anymore! We have thousands of people on our side! WE ARE GREEK DEMIGODS. WE ARE CAMP HALF BLOOD, AND WILL DO ANYTHING. TO MAKE US STRONG!!!"
​The campers roared, repeated her words. As she finished up her speech, someone appeared at her and Ryker's side to help them fire off the new week.
​Jake smile at Clarisse and Ryker.
​Clarisse hugged him grinning.
​"I thought you were at your dads!"
Jake shrugged.
​"I just got back. Cool speech!!"
​Clarisse smiled, and continued to chant on with Ryker and the rest of the camp. Jake smiled her, and blushed as one thought came to mind.
​That's my Clarisse. I've finally found you again. No more mean comments to the campers. No more scared little girl hiding under the tree. You...your beautiful Clarisse. This is who you really are.
​Clarisse listened as Ryker and the campers chanted, and she looked back at Jake with a smile, the wind filling her hair.
​He smiled back. At that moment, they both only thought one thing.
We got this.

"We got this."


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