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Space War! (Revised)

September 9, 2017


Space, one of seventeen frontiers. It has many races, many leaders, and many, many, countries. We will focus of the Allince of Earthern Planets. They had a revoultionary ship, a ship that is also a planet, called the Lanaru. Granted, it is still mostly metal, and many people say it looks like rather ugly, and could collapse at any moment (It's not their fault the repair crew is missing) , but revolutionary nonetheless. It is powered at the bottom, where eighty seven people ride stationary bikes to give power to the ship. It gives them jobs, and a good workout. The captain was a Cat-Person named Opsie Cutsie Whisker-Kins. He is the first captain to ever to be a cat.

"Gentleman, are people rebelling?" Captain Whiker-Kins asked one day.

"No, sir," said Lieutenant Grisham.

"Good, because everyone of you has something I don't," The captain said.

"A craving for spinach?" Grisham asked.

"No, opposable thumbs. I would be useless in an attack," The Captian said, pulling on a whisker.

Then they got a transmission for a space area code they didn't regonize. They foolishly awnsered it.

"Wow, I didn't think you'd awnsered," A large purple robot alien said. 

"Well. we did, who are you?" Captain Whisker-Kins asked.

"I am HP-09, I lead the Chromian Coalition. We are going to take over your ship," HP-09 said.

"Well you'd have to find it!"

"We already did, it looks so very ugly," HP-09 said.

"Well, we'll see you...I guess?"  Whisker-Kins said awkwardly.

And so, the Space War, was brewing.

I always wanted to write science fiction. Due to suggestion, I changed some things. Comments are appreciated.


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