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The Animal Nations

September 7, 2017


Two Mice were walking to the mouse capital, Aburn. There names were Jack and Timothy. Jack was a dark colored mouse, while Timothy was completely white. Suddenly an owl appeared before them. They owl was, compared to the mice, was large. Timothy thought he was a horned owl, which probably meant he was a warrior in the Owl Tribes, the mice's most feared enemy.

"What do we have here? Some mice going into Owl Territory?" The owl said.

"Hey! We're just going to Aburn! We have that right you know!" Jack said, being the braver of the two.

"Of course, but that border transit treaty expired long ago, you should know that merchant." The owl said.

"You do you think you think you are?" Jack said.

"My name is Bruce, I am a warrior of the Owl Tribes, and I have every right to kill you for trespassing,"  Bruce said.

Then Bruce charged at them, both of the dodging in separate directions. Bruce determined that Jack was just a big talker and the weaker of the two, charged at him alone. He hit Jack, who fell to the ground. After seeing Jack was dazed, Bruce turned his attention to Timothy. 

"Well, I can tell by all the skirmish I fought in your a mouse warrior, we'll show me your worth!" Bruce said, flying into the air and charging at him.

But Timothy was ready, he grabbed a small pointy stick, and let Bruce's momentum stab it in his eye. 

The owl, screaming in pain flew away. Timothy ran to Jack.

"My friend...you may have started a war," Was all Jack could say before he passed out.
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