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Death Gets Groceries

September 7, 2017


Death and Pestilence were now in the grocery store, and saw that everyone was fighting.

"W-what's going on!? It's not Black Friday yet!" Pestilence said.

"I...think I know what's happening," Death said.

They went to the center, and saw a man wearing a red military uniform. He was looking very angry.

"Hey, War! What are you doing?" Death asked.

"Oh, hey there Death, Pestilence. As for what I', doing..." He then threw his arms up and the yelled," THEY ROSE THE PRICES OF HOT DOGS! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO HAVE A CLASSY BARBECUE NOW?!" 

"So people are fight, um, because of you?" Pestilence asked.

"Uh, yeah," He then looked around as if he just noticed the people were fighting.

"Oh, I guess I was so mad at the increased price of these...sausagey delights...that everyone started fighting," He said.

"Ah, well it can't helped, they keep on fighting as long as I'm here, I assume you're here for groceries?" War said, much calmer.

"Yes, then we're going to kill religious FanFiction writers,"  

"Okay, you won't me to help?" 

"Yes, your abilities can be useful, now we just need to find Famine," Death said.

That would take awhile, there are many people who drives Honda Civics.
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